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Stop the #FakeNationalEmergency! Presidents’ Day Protest Ventura
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2474989142574688/


DATE: President’s Day—Monday, 2/18 from noon to 1:30pm

LOCATION: The corner of Victoria and Telephone in Ventura in front of the Government Center (800 S Victoria Ave, Ventura)

DETAILS: Bring your flags, signs, dress in red, white, and blue – and show what real patriots look like!

Donald Trump has declared a #FakeNationalEmergency. This is an illegal power grab. In crisis moments like this, how the citizenry responds in the immediate aftermath can shape the course of our country’s history. That’s why MoveOn members and allies are launching hundreds of events all across the country.

Together, we will say NO to Trump’s power grabs, NO to his border wall, NO to xenophobia, and NO to HATE. Trump’s undemocratic power grab to secure his border wall is a direct attack on our democracy.

#FakeNationalEmergency is now in full swing.
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