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We marched in the largest anti-fracking demonstration in U.S. history!


California strong! The Ventura County Climate Hub was able to send a bus up to Oakland this weekrnd to participate in the March for Real Climate Leadership, which was attended by thousands of activists and concerned citizens from throughout the state.

Thank you to all who were able to join and support the effort. Check out some of the ClimateSignphotos from the event here or at #realclimateleadership.

More information about VC Climate Hub:


Where: Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura at 5654 Ralston Street, Ventura
When: Thursday, February 12th @ 7pm (come early to help set up and socialize)

Introductions & Description of Facilitation Technique (Robert, 10 mins)

Announcements and Reports Back
(1 hour total, <5 mins per topic)
-Anterra Victory at BOS (CFROG/Tomas)
-March for Real Climate Leadership (Tomas)
-Fracking Rally (Jim/Tomas)
-Fran Pavely Event (Jan)
-CCL Conference Recap (Jan)
-Letter Brigade: Call for Writers! (Jan)
-Phoning the List (Jan)
-Speakers Bureau Update (Ron)
-Website Design Party (Jan)
-Shirts (Jan)
-Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (David)
-Hands Across the Sand (Jan)
-Earth Hour (David & Michelle)

Project Development- Ventura County Energy Choice (Jan)
Report news/research (15 mins)
Establish a planning team (5 mins)

Event Planning- A Pathway to the Future: From Oil to Renewables (Jan)
Describe event structure (10 mins)
Assign Tasks (10 mins)

Meeting Recap & Feedback (10 mins)

SSFL Work Group Meeting – Tomorrow


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Wednesday, February 4, 6:30 PM
at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center
3050 E. Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Who Controls the SSFL Cleanup -Boeing or the Public?
Join us on February 4 to learn new developments about the contamination and cleanup at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. We will discuss:

• Proposed changes by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board that would further weaken Boeing’s SSFL permit and allow more continuing migration of contamination in surface water runoff from SSFL. Learn more about the proposals to weaken the pollution permit.

• A recent decision by California Superior Court rejecting Boeing’s request to dump radioactive debris in sites not licensed for such waste, with no oversight by regulatory agencies. Read about the court ruling here.

• Communities near other contaminated sites that are also impacted by the failure of the state toxics department to protect them who have joined together to fight back. Read the People’s Senate report.

•Cleanup myths propagated by Boeing and its surrogates—claims of “moonscaping,” exaggerated soil volume estimates and truck numbers.

And more! Please join us for some straight talk about SSFL and learn what you can do to ensure its contamination is truly cleaned up.




By Grant Marcus
I’ve visited many places in America in
my lifetime, but there has never been any-
thing like New York New York. Broadway,
jazz shows, 24 hours of Bethoven at St.
Peters Cathedral, Marcel Marceau–and
a man running with a wicker chair over his
head at 3 in the morning he had bought
from a store in a city that never sleeps…
They are vivid memories that have always
stayed with me.
But those memories were shattered
with the illegal chokehold killing of Eric
Garner. The fond memories I had of
New York were suddenly replaced by
the harsher realities of racism.
The cell video of the homicide was
disgusting, as police and paramedics
did nothing to save Garner’s life, as he
lay dying on the gurney.  New York
could have easily have been Selma,
as Garner’s life didn’t seem to matter.
And to add insult to murder, the man
taking the video of the crime was ar-
But what was even more deplorable,
if not harmful was the police response
to an empathetic mayor.  White cops
turning their backs, the taunting “I can
breathe” t-shirts, and a man named
aptly, “Lynch,” representing the police
union with his plethora of insensitive
These reactions all seemed childish
tantrums by an authority refusing to ac-
cept accountability, and which is sup-
posed to lead by example.  Instead,
the police have targeted race and color
and blemished their own characters.
They have placed loyalty above integ-
rity or morality, and they have respond-
ed to the community by violence, ig-
norance, privilege, defiance, and big-
otry. The actions of the police and the
New York justice system make it
clear justice in New York is synony-
mous with inequality.
This was shocking for me.  New
York New York was the home of
Jackie Robinson, and the city which
ended racism in baseball.  However
racism obviously remains in the city
itself, and with the very people who
enforce its laws.
It takes courage to admit one’s mis-
takes, and cowardice to ignore them.
One can only hope the NYPD takes
the courage to own their responsibil-
ity in this injustice.  And in doing so,
realizes they must change their meth-
ods of law enforcement, particularly
profiling, while also ending their su-
perior, and irrationally punitive atti-
tudes toward their community.
No one should be above the law.
No police officer should be able to
commit high crimes simply because
there is nepotism within the justice
system.  If law enforcement wants
the true respect of its citizenry, its
members should be willing to follow
the same laws we must all follow.
If they do not, they must be willing
to accept criminal prosecution.  The
rule of law becomes ruthless hypo-
crisy when the people who enforce
it ignore it, abuse it, and are above
The man from out-of-state who
killed the two officers received jus-
tice.  The families of the officers re-
ceived due respect of the City of
New York.  I hope someday that
those who participated in Garner’s
murder receive justice as well, and
the Garner family be given their due
respect.  This is called equality.
Over 50 years ago, the Reverund
Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We
can never be satisfied as long as the
Negro is the victim of the unspeaka-
ble horrors of police brutality.”  If Rev.
King were alive today, I believe he
would make similar commentary a-
bout the recent rash of killings across
our country of innocent African Am-
ericans, including Garner.
I hope the New York community
does not forget Eric Garner, and in-
sists on fairness, justice, and pro-
gress.  So long as one American is
Eric Garner, we all are Eric Garner.
It is the responsibility of all of us to
seek his justice and insist all lives
matter.  As I remember New York,
New York, this city is too great not to
do what is right.
Grant Marcus, RN, ME

March for Real Climate Leadership


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Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 2.05.43 PMOn February 7th, 2015 thousands of people from all corners of the state will take to the streets of Oakland to call on Governor Jerry Brown to protect all Californians from dangerous oil activities that harm our water, our health and our communities.

As he took office on January 5th for his fourth and final term, Governor Brown declared he wants California to be an international leader in the fight against climate change.

Join us in Oakland, Governor Brown’s hometown, on February 7th to demand that he be a real climate leader by stopping fracking, standing up to Big Oil, and moving beyond fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy.

WHAT: The March for Real Climate Leadership: Our Water, Our Health, Our California
WHEN: 11:30 am, February 7, 2015
WHERE: Frank Ogawa / Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th & Broadway, Oakland, California

February 7th will be a game-changing moment for the climate movement in California — but only if you’re there! Sign up on the right, and then share this page with your friends.



Ventura & Santa Barbara:

Los Angeles:

Other locations:

More Information:

RESOURCES: Where to pick up Posters and Flyers

Quarter sheet 2-sided flyer:

Spanish Flyers:


STENCILS to use to promote the march


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