Ventura County to Discuss Expansion of SoCalGas Compressor on Westside

On Tuesday, February 1st at 10 am, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors will be discussing the proposed expansion of the SoCalGas natural gas compressor station located in West Ventura. 

As of Friday afternoon, the final agenda has not been posted yet, but the draft agenda includes a recommendation from Supervisor LaVere to request state agencies to further assess the compatibility of SoCalGas’ proposed expansion of the natural gas compressor facility. 

We will be following up with talking points and more details to support this proposal and ensure it is striving to fully protect the health and safety of the community!

CFROG and other Westside Clear Air Coalition members have been advocating against this expansion for over nine months – speak up to ensure the Board recognizes the serious risks this facility has for the health and safety of Ventura County residents!


  • Be on the lookout for another email from CFROG with talking points and more details – or visit us here
  • Be ready to write a comment to by Monday, January 31st at 12 pm AND/OR
  • Be ready to register to speak on Tuesday, February 1st at 10 am

Training Opportunity


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from Ventura County Climate Hub

The Legi Group (members from the 350 chapters in Riverside, Ventura and L.A. Counties) is hosting a legislative training tomorrow afternoon, Saturday November 21. They have 80 people registered and room for 20 more!
This is a great opportunity to learn how our State Legislative Process works and get to know the activists that are strategizing our game in Sacramento!


WHAT: Interactive Legislative Training Session
WHEN: Saturday, November 21, 2021 – 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
WHERE: Zoom – Register here

The program:
1) Overview of California legislative process – presentation and questions
2) Effective Citizen Lobbying – presentation and questions
3) Breakout sessions – practice getting ready for meeting your legislator!

Please join by computer (not phone) so you can see your fellow participants and slides. We will be doing 2 breakouts in separate Zoom rooms which will include research and a mock meeting with a legislator to advocate for a good climate bill!

Register in advance for this meeting: Click Here
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Room opens at 12:00 p.m. for organizers, event starts at 12:30 p.m

Oil Giant attempting to regain access


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Ventura County recently took a stand and put an end to oil & gas permitting loopholes that threaten our air, land, and water.

But right now, oil giant AERA is out in full force with PAID campaigners at grocery stores across Ventura County, gathering signatures to overturn this decision. It could trigger a special election that will cost Ventura County taxpayers upwards of a million dollars!

Help us SPREAD THE WORD – Tell everyone you know to DECLINE TO SIGN this petition. Please use the text and images below and post it on Facebook, NextDoor, or email it around!

Tell the Forest Service to Protect Pine Mountain Ridge (deep in the Ventura County backcountry)


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Tell the Forest Service to Protect Pine Mountain Ridge — The public comment period ends June 30. Submit Comment Here


The Forest Service plans to expedite logging in proposed wilderness and across miles of old-growth forest and chaparral, deep in the Ventura County backcountry.
The proposal, located in a popular recreation area, was announced amidst the pandemic, economic crisis, and period of civil unrest. It would allow the logging of centuries-old trees, up to five feet in diameter, and the clearance of rare old-growth chaparral along six miles of the prominent ridge known as Pine Mountain stretching from Highway 33 to Reyes Peak.

Despite the project’s massive scale, the Forest Service will not conduct a detailed study of potential impacts to the area’s unique ecoystems. Instead, officials announced that they will rely on a controversial loophole to bypass these requirements and limit the public’s ability to voice concerns.

The ridge is a remarkable biodiversity hotspot. Pine Mountain has some of the most diverse and unique habitats in the Los Padres National Forest that are home to dozens of rare or sensitive plants as well as animals such as black bears, mountain lions, and bobcats. Roughly one-third of the project area is within critical habitat for endangered California condors.

The project will require the use of mechanical equipment and may involve the construction of temporary roads, all of which can cause significant and lasting damage to soil, water, and plants. It is likely that the Forest Service will allow private logging companies to profit from the timber harvest in exchange for services, which all but ensures that forest health will not remain the primary project goal.
The Forest Service has proposed the timber harvest under the guise of community wildfire protection, but Pine Mountain is miles away from any community. Countless scientific studies demonstrate—and the agency admits—that the remote vegetation treatments are ineffective in protecting communities from fires that occur during extreme weather. These are the conditions under which wildfires cause the vast majority of damage to people and property in California.

Moreover, vegetation clearance projects can increase wildfire risk by removing fire-resistant trees, increasing heating and drying of the forest floor, and spreading non-native invasive grasses and weeds that ignite more easily and spread wildfire more quickly.

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There needs to be a full review of earthquake risks before approving additional wastewater injection wells in a fault zone!


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Could wastewater injection trigger destructive earthquakes in Ventura County? California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM) is requesting public input.

Carbon California oil company wants to drill 3 new wastewater injection wells in a fault zone in Ventura County.

Tell CalGEM that there needs to be a full review of earthquake risks before approving additional wastewater injection wells in a fault zone!

Comment details below

This project above Ojai would inject 3000 barrels per day of wastewater into a seismic active area near the San Cayetano fault.

The San Cayetano fault may be connected to the large Ventura/Pita Point fault which runs through the city of Ventura.

Please join us and urge CalGEM to consider the possible dangers that could result from wastewater injection into an active fault near a major population center.

Wastewater injection in a fault zone can cause fault lubrication, increasing the likelihood of earthquakes. The proposed wastewater wells would be adjacent to several faults, including the Big Canyon and San Cayetano faults, as well as numerous tear faults. These faults connect to the Ventura Fault, and could generate earthquakes in highly populated areas.



Submit comments through June 10, 2020. ​Comments are welcome in the language with which you are most comfortable. CalGEM will translate comments and include them with all other​ submissions received.


​Online survey:
Go to:​. Answer two questions to provide your rulemaking input.

Postal mail:
Department of Conservation, 801 K Street, MS 24-02 Sacramento, CA 95814
ATTN: Public Health Near Oil & Gas Rulemaking

CalGEM Public Health Rulemaking Hearing
​​CalGEM is holding a series of online Public Health Rulemaking hearings to get public input as they update public health and safety protections for communities near oil and gas production operations. This is the perfect opportunity to voice concerns about this increased risk of earthquakes.

TODAY: Tuesday, June 2
1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Language: English
Register here to receive your call-in details.

If you do not have the ability to register (no internet access), join the meeting by dialing: ​US Toll Free: 1-877-369-5243​

Access Code: 0333038## (press ‘pound’ twice)