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I Just saw 22 recruiters in camouflage at my old high school. I’ve never seen so damn many. Do they know something we don’t know? And they are all dressed to kill–literally, figuratively, whatever. The child predators had a whole bunch of kids names stacked In their hands, that I’m supposing, who didn’t opt out of the military. They’re at our junior highs too. Junior high. I mean I don’t think puberty has recruited them yet. They can’t even park a car or enter a bar. I guess it’s back to those good old Hitler Youth Group days. Got to have those young soldiers for all those new wars, like the war for minerals in Afghanistan (New York Times: “Donald Trump Finds a New Reason to Stay in Afghanistan, Minerals”). And then there’s the nuclear war in N. Korea, or the war around the corner in Iran, that could lead to WWIII. Iran, watch out.

Our war machine is on steroids, and they haven’t forgotten that 1998 American Century Project hit list either. You’re one of the 7 “axis of evil,” remember? The list is dwindling down. We’ve got Iraq, we’ve got Syria, we’ve got Libya, we’ve got cross hairs on North Korea. The list is getting shorter and shorter Iran. You’re closer to midnight than you think. Just wanted you to know. And please don’t take this like I’m taking it lightly. The last thing I want our government to do is bomb you. And I
I know you’ve done everything, all the right things to avoid war with us; and I love your people, and your wonderful history, and your open markets, and your strong women and generosity, and I would very much love to visit you. But the gastapo strangeloves in the Pentagon won’t take no for an answer, and they are training our youth. And they can’t seem to stop their runaway militarism. The train just keeps
rolling, faster and faster, farther and farther. Never breaking. Wider and wider. And the box cars of death get fuller and fuller. And all of we Americans had never been told the truth about the war, but when we leaned the truth about it, the majority of

Americans now don’t want the war. And with the capture of Bin Laden, most of us think the war should be over. We are tired of war, and we want it to end. It is killing our children and draining our economy, and turning us into a militaristic society. This is not what our Founders imagined our democracy would be. Most of us know that the only difference between a MiG jet fighter and a bomb in a back pack is that the jet fighter does far more damage than the back pack. We know that there is no greater terror than war; and that war has always been an impulsive terrorist. All I can say are in tears. Tears for all losses over 16 years of war, and for what? Tears for our children who are brainwashed with the glory of war and recruitment. Tears of anger for those predators who stalk the minds of our children, so they can be raped on the  battlefields, or have their memories and souls raped at home. War is terrorism. We know and we know. We write letters. We take to the streets. Hudreds of thousands have protested. We cry at our grave sites. But it goes on and on and…

Get the Opt Out form for highschools

ARTICLE: Should We End Military Recruiting in High Schools as a Matter of Child Protection and Public Health?

Army to spend $300 million on bonuses and ads to get 6,000 more recruits


ACTION: Prevent powerful microwave emitting antennas for 4G/5G from being installed every 4-12 houses on utility poles in California!


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SB 649 gives telecommunications companies rubber stamp approval to install powerful microwave emitting antennas for 4G/5G every 4 to 12 houses on utility poles along the street!  It removes local city and county authority over cellular facility placement and we would have no legal right to stop it.

SB 649 would put radio frequency radiation (RFR) cell towers on
 every block in every neighborhood and countryside in California with an over the counter permit. PLEASE contact your representatives and those on the committee to oppose this bill by Tuesday July 11.

Oppose SB 649 because it eliminates local zoning authority, conflicts with federal and other laws, and increases harmful radio frequency radiation (RFR). International independent scientists are calling for reducing RFR based on peer reviewed published science showing RFR harms the public and nature, and children are especially vulnerable.


From the League of California Cities: “…As if SB 649 wasn’t wreaking enough havoc on the ability for cities to protect their residents, the June 20, 2017 amendments completely deregulate and eliminate all oversight for “micro-wireless” facilities which can be equipment nearly three feet long dangling between utility poles, raising significant public safety issues such as obstructing traffic sight distance without any oversight. The bill also now applies a utility pole “attachment rate” formula which is inappropriate for equipment being placed on city buildings, street and traffic lights.
As amended, the bill is no longer limited to just “small cells.” It now applies broadly to all telecommunications providers and the equipment they use from “micro-wireless” to “small cell” to “macro-towers.” It’s clear from the direction of this bill, that this is not about 5G wireless deployment, but more about local deregulation of the entire telecommunications industry.


Though this is focused on what’s happening in California now, similar bills are being introduced throughout the nation with ALEC co-sponsoring the bills.  Watch out for it in your state!


Contact your State Assembly member and Senator to vote NO on this dangerous bill.  Find yours here:

CONTACT staff handling SB.649 for Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee (scroll down on this page:

Contact California Assembly here:

Detailed Information is here:


H.R. 3053 – Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2017


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Nuclear Waste legislation, if enacted could pave way for irradiated nuclear fuel shipments to move through most states, many major cities and most U.S. Congressional Districts.
Despite a 50-group environmental coalition in opposition, H.R. 3053, the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2017, as amended, passed the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee by a vote of 49 to 4. All Republican members, and all but four Democrats (Schakowsky of IL, Ben Lujan of NM, Loebsack of IA, and Engel of NY) who were present, voted in favor of reviving the cancelled Yucca Mountain, NV high-level radioactive waste dump, and legalizing private de facto permanent parking lot dumps, targeted at TX and NM.

If enacted, the legislation could pave the way for unprecedented numbers of irradiated nuclear fuel truck and trains, as well as barge shipments to begin moving in just a few years, through most states, many major cities, and most U.S. congressional districts.

Urge your U.S. Rep. to block it – You can look up your U.S. Rep.’s full contact info at the website, by typing in your Zip code in the upper right, clicking Go, and follow the internet links.

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ACTION Sat and Sun: Ventura County approved new oil facility without impact study.


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Boots on the Ground Needed – Sat & Sun – June 24 & 25 –
CFROG is working with Food & Water Watch in appealing a project in Oxnard that will increase air pollution and risk of illness to thousands of nearby residents. Ventura County has failed to study the full health and environmental impacts of the project.

Ventura County approved new oil facility without impact study.

Ventura County must address environmental justice issues. No Impact Study No Approval!

We need YOU to help us this coming weekend –
Sat & Sun, June 24 & 25.

SIGN UP NOW to join our team and go door to door informing the community about the project and gathering petition signatures in support of our appeal. More information

Meet at the Food & Water Watch,  Ventura office parking lot at 940 E. Santa Clara St., Ventura starting at 9am.

Help us reach our goal of 1000 signatures!

If you can’t make it out this weekend, please 1) Sign & Share our petition in support of the appeal and 2) Consider a monthly donation to CFROG – $25 a month will help CFROG protect public health and the environment from dangerous oil and gas impacts.

June 2017: CFROG and Food & Water Watch have filed an appeal of the approval and are waiting for a hearing date to be set before the Ventura County Planning Commission.

More information