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You may have heard of the “DARK act”, this is a labeling law that takes away a states right to require that GMO ingredients be identified on a label.

The Senate already passed this bill [S. 764 – also known as the DARK act]
and soon it will be voted on in the HOUSE. Rumors had it they were voting today and it is on the schedule, but we were not able to find any details of a vote.

Protestors throw money onto the Senate floor to make a point

Senators Hold Press Conference July 6, 2016 “GMO Labeling Proposal Inadequate”

This DARK act essentially makes reading the label to see if there are GMO ingredients difficult. Instead of English it would be in a code. So you’re going to have to walk around the grocery store trying to get an internet connection so you can read the darn code and see if GMOs are present in the product.

This is not the first time Monsanto and friends have tried to stop GMOs from being clearly identified on food labels. This is an on-going struggle to simply know what is in our food.

CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! What Vermont has started needs to be built on, not overrun.

States rights must be maintained if we are ever going to see our way through this mess.

More information to fit the pieces together:
Name of Bill:
The Roberts-Stabenow bill (S. 764)

Bill TEXT: As usual the GMO aspects of this bill are hidden within a bill not named anything like what it is for — S.764 – A bill to reauthorize and amend the National Sea Grant College Program Act, and for other purposes
*Its all very confusing when you look at the bill text, cause there are so many different things that are totally not related but part of this bill. But, if you look here
you’ll see there [As amended by the Senate on July 7, 2016, the bill is the legislative vehicle for a measure concerning bioengineered food disclosure.]









Petition to Pres. Obama to veto The DARK ACT