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Help SB52 The Disclose Act get through the CA Legislature

Learn more at http://www.yesfairelections.org/ and sign the petition. In most of our monthly enews we choose what we think are the most vital actions to advocate for better laws. This week it is SB 52 in the CA State Senate.

SB 52 will be voted on in the full Senate next Thursday or Friday — so if we’re going to help end secret spending on political campaigns in California, now’s the time! If we’d had this law in place, we would have had a better chance against the NO on 37 propaganda last November.

Volunteers have already made over four thousand calls to constituents in districts of key Senators asking them to call their Senator. If you have never done phone banking for legislation or a ballot initiative, this is a great experience.  They use the powerful Callfire calling system that automatically dials supporters for you and lets you transfer them directly to their Senator’s office when they agree to talk to them.

You can sign up for a Callfire training and start making calls for the crucial Senate floor vote that is a significant, doable step to get money out of politics.