Occupy Ventura is a growing movement that is reaching out to people like you, the “99%”. We are waiters, receptionists, nurses, students, teachers, law enforcement, the unemployed, firefighters, tradespeople, small business owners, and others from various walks of life. We are striving to empower the poor, working, and middle classes to take peaceful actions and be heard by the “1%”–in other words, those with power in our society. This includes our politicians and large corporations who are reaping the benefits of our support and work with little consideration for our needs.

The “Occupy” movement was inspired by world events in which people have called for responsive government, economic reforms, and justice for all. The first American “Occupy”–Occupy Wall Street–was initiated on September 17 near Wall Street in New York City. Since then the movement has spread, and it is gaining support in cities all over the country.

Occupy Ventura is inspired by both the global and national movements, seeking to spread awareness, increase political participation, and to peacefully insist of the power brokers that the needs of The People must be met. We are non-partisan, but seek inclusive, progressive solutions to the problems that burden our communities.

For more information or to join our efforts, please follow us on Twitter @OccupyVentura or email us: OccupyVentura805@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. marietta baer said:

    need time & place for sat. 10/15

    • tshsrgegs said:

      across from the ventura mission

    • Kendra Gonzales said:

      Mission Park – downtown Ventura – across from the Mission…ALL WEEKEND LONG! Bring family, friends, folding chairs, picnic, water (bring your own cup or water bottle, plate, utensils – low waste!) Anything for a day in the park and camping gear if you’d like to stay over…we have permit for that. Bring extra to share with those are are without. Power to the People!

  2. Jay Leiderman said:

    Mission Park, Main Street Ventura. Events start at noon on Saturday.

  3. marietta baer said:

    Car pool from Simi?

  4. Lisa Lorea Bailes said:

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