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Help to extend the moratorium protecting water in the Oxnard Plain.

Please contact your county supervisor TODAY and ask them to extend the moratorium which prohibits new cyclic steam projects in the vicinity of the Fox Canyon aquifer. The vote is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

U.S. Geological Survey scientists have found petroleum-related gases in potable water in the Fox Canyon aquifer system near steam injection and wastewater disposal wells in the tar sands there. The study suggests that the oil production may be contaminating the wells. The USGS scientists have asked for more studies.

Steve Bennett (805) 654-2703 Steve.bennett@ventura.org
Linda Parks (805) 214-2510 Linda.parks@ventura.org
Kelly Long (805) 654-2276 Kelly.long@ventura.org
Bob Huber (805) 955-2300 Supervisor.huber@ventura.org
John Zaragoza (805) 654-2613 John.zaragoza@ventura.org

We have no reason to trust that oil operations in this area will be conducted properly. The county has found multiple permit violations and nullified the zoning clearance.
Questions? A fact sheet on the ordinance can be found here.

Ask your friends in other districts to call or email before the vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 3 p.m.

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