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“A German regulator has banned the sale of smartwatches aimed at children, describing them as spying devices. It had previously banned an internet-connected doll called, My Friend Cayla, for similar reasons. Regulator urges parents who have such watches to destroy them.” — Read Article at BBC.com

“Germany’s telecoms regulator said on Friday it was banning the sale of “smart watches” that can be used by parents to check on their children, saying the devices violated Germany’s strict surveillance laws.” Read Article at Reuters.com  

Germany’s Telecoms regulator the Federal Network Agency (The Bundesnetzagentur) which oversees the country’s telecommunications has banned smartwatches for kids in the country calling them spying devices. It has also urged parents to destroy these watches mostly used by children between the ages of 5 and 12 years. — Read Article at HackRead.com

Maybe we can get a clue?

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