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The Keystone Pipeline was rejected by the Obama administration because of the innate damage it will cause to the environment in the U.S.

The pipeline still faces obstacles and one of the biggest is funding.
TransCanada, the energy giant behind Keystone XL, will need major support from their banking partners if they want to complete their gigantic tar sands project.
Put the US banks on notice: DO NOT fund Keystone XL.

—INFORMATION FROM GREENPEACE https://engage.us.greenpeace.org/onlineactions

Photo © Julie Dermansky. Used with permission.

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Path of Keystone Pipeline

Article with Background Information

Do not fund the Keystone XL pipeline!

Dear [US Bank CEO],
Since Trump’s announcement of support, opposition to this project has grown. There is an increasing number of individuals and communities across the country (and national borders) committed to removing their money from banks supporting the Keystone Pipeline. If removing our money is the only way to get this to stop then that is what the people and communities will do and then those banks will no longer be in the game or exist. Banks funding projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline have already experienced significant  material damage from their association which these controversial pipeline projects and it will increase.

As you are aware, this pipeline plans to carry 800,000 barrels of tar sands oil daily across the US, to be refined, exported and burned.
It will subject the U.S. to years of environmental harm if completed. The American public will suffer the ramifications of these actions the land will be less valuable and our innate ecological balance could be diminished. The water will be affected and so will the quality of life. I think you can be a part of doing something better.

Support for companies pursuing projects such as the Keystone Pipeline is incompatible with the aim of combating climate change and is not in line with the statements you have already made. People will notice this incompatibility and remove their money if you continue to support it.

Why not fund alternative self sustaining energies such as solar, wind and even what Tesla was on to?  Those will provide much more long reaching profits. Since that seems to be what you are most interested in, then it is a no brainer to divest in these pipelines and move on.

Given the climate and human rights concerns attached to this project, I call on you to immediately stop any further financing of TransCanada and its partners.

You can be ahead of the pack.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Keystone Gulf Coast pipeline being installed on Texas property.
© Julie Dermansky