screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-12-10-08-pmRight now, SoCalGas is trying to get approval from Governor Brown and his regulators to reopen the Aliso Canyon storage facility — home to the largest gas blowout in U.S. history that displaced and sickened thousands. We can’t let greed and gas company profits win over public health and the environment.

Tell Governor Brown to put people over profits and keep Aliso Canyon closed!

It’s been a year since the blowout was discovered. It displaced 20,000 people from their homes, lasted 112 days, wreaked havoc on the climate, and people are still getting sick.

Since the blowout was capped and the gas field was closed, there have been three major leaks at Aliso Canyon, and an average of two leaks per day. Every methane and toxic chemical released from this facility sends the nearby community spiraling with more health problems like nosebleeds, rashes, asthma and migraines. This facility will never be safe so it must stay closed!

To reopen Aliso Canyon, SoCalGas needs approval from the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) and the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). DOGGR and the CPUC are a part of Governor Brown’s administration, and ultimately, it’s Brown’s call on what happens to Aliso.

Governor Brown talks a big game about the threat of climate change and our need to transition off fossil fuels. Now is a great opportunity for him to take meaningful action to actually address climate change by preventing future methane leaks while protecting Californians from future disasters.

Tell Governor Brown to be a real climate leader and keep Aliso Canyon closed.

We need to hold Governor Brown accountable to the people of California and our wishes to transition off fossil fuels to 100% clean, renewable energy. We don’t need this Aliso Canyon storage facility and we shouldn’t sacrifice our communities for gas company profits. Sign the petition to stop SoCalGas from reopening the dangerous Aliso Canyon storage facility.

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