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The California Coastal Commission plays a critical role in protecting California’s majestic coastline, with the power to make decisions on everything from offshore oil and gas extraction, to public access, to coastal development projects large and small. Thanks to 11,076 CLCV members who contacted their Assemblymembers, we successfully passed AB 2002 out of the Assembly earlier this month.

This important legislation, now before the State Senate, will close a loophole and require those lobbying the Coastal Commission to disclose their expenses and activities, just like lobbyists in Sacramento have are required to do.

The California Coastal Commission has started a petition to urge your State Senator to require lobbyists to the California Coastal Commission to disclose their activities.
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This common sense proposal requires that those who are paid to try to influence the commission to register with the state and report their clients, how much they get paid, and what issues they are seeking to influence.

To protect our coasts and ensure ALL Californians have access to our more than 1,100 miles of coastline, we must take an important step in accountability and shine a light on the actions taken by and connections of commission lobbyists.  Assembly Bill 2002 will help level the playing field between coastal advocates and those who lobby the Coastal Commission, and help rebuild public trust in the Commission’s ability to protect our coast for future generations.

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