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Please call or email the Team Leaders or Coordinators named below to offer needed help.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ventura350

POstersmProject 1:  CA Crossroads Tour –
Event Producer:  Tomas Rebecchi   tomasrebecchi@gmail.com

• Promotion- Tomas & Jan coordinating with Ron email bugnet@rinconvitova.com

• Distribute Posters – they are at the Refill Shoppe on 363 E Main St, Ventura, ask for Ally
• Need to find places to distribute posters in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Santa Paula, Ojai and on college campuses
• Facebook – Need someone who knows how to promote events
Instagram – Need someone who knows how to promote events

• Volunteer for Steering Committee
Current members are Ron Whitehurst, Jan Dietrick, Ally Gialketsis and Tomas Rebecchi. We generally meet by conference call once a month or as needed. Email venturaclimathub@gmail.com if you would like to jump in and learn and work with others to make things happen for the climate in our community.
•    Media Coordinator
•    Membership Coordinator
•    Letter Brigade Coordinator
•    Meeting Coordinator – i.e. organize setup and cleanup

Project 2:  Charter Bus Trip to March for REAL Climate Leadership


Committee-Jan and David
Fundraising Goal: $2000
 Application to Greenpeace
Promotion Committee to sign people up for the ride and march-need 4 helpers who know different organizations

Event Committee (on the buses)
Bus captains – Tomas Coordinator, who wants to help?
Activities on the bus – educational, music

Fun-Raiser for Charter Buses for March in Oakland
Dinner, Movie, Sign-Making
Saturday, January 30, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
It’s a party! Contribute time or money toward the bus trip on 2/7. We’ll be making signs and things to sell. We’ve been wanting to watch  The Price of Sand (1 hr) about frac sand mining in the Midwest. Well-done, interesting arial photography. Describes some of the hidden social costs of the oil being brought into California.

Location: 108 Orchard Dr, Ventura, CA (Jan and Ron’s house at the Bugfarm)

Help requested: Somebody come in the afternoon to help with food, someone around 6:00 to finish any set-up and help welcome and orient people, a couple people to stay and help cleanup.

Project 3: Crude Oil by Rail Protest

Ron Coordinating, asking for Letters from 3 City Councils:
Ventura CC Meeting-Mon, Jan 12, 5:45 to get a speaker comment card.
501 Poli St, Ventura, park behind City Hall
Team Leader- Needs a leader with Ron and Michelle

Oxnard CC Meeting Tue, Jan 13, 5:45
305 W 3rd St, Oxnard
Team Leader-Tomas

Camarillo CC Meeting Wed, Jan 28, 7:30 public comment period
Team Leader-Todd

Ventura County Board of Supervisors Tue, Jan 13, 9:45 am
County Government Center, Admin Building, 800 Victoria Ave by Telephone
Team Leader: Ron

Air Pollution Control District Board Meeting, Tue, Jan 13, 1:30 am
County Govt Center, Admin Building, Board Chambers, 800 Victoria at Telephone
Ron is going to talk about the fumes from the oil trains.
Jan or somebody may make brief statement about Community Choice Aggregation and give everyone copies of Elias’ Opinion Editorial and docs from the Monterey Bay CCA.
Will someone volunteer to talk about stricter limits on methane flaring?

San Luis Obispo Planning Commission Public Hearing, Feb 5th or 6th
Help fill the building. Check FB event page: Crude by Rail Hearing San Luis Obispo on Ventura Co Climate Hub page.

Other Projects to Sign Up For!

• Climate Hub Letter Brigade – Coordinator Jan Dietrick ventura@citizenslcimatelobby.org
Be on a list to get articles from the local papers that relate to the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy and make comments in the form of Letters to the Editor. Also to write letters as needed to public officials. We have five volunteers and need five more right away due to lots of opportunities in the news right now.

• Community Choice Aggregation Research and Outreach Committee

We need a team leader to plan and facilitate meetings with the following volunteers: Jan, Robert, Don, Lance and Michelle. For now, make inquiries to Jan at ventura@citizensclimatelobby.org.

• Citizen Science Oil Monitoring Workshop – Ron is Coordinator ron@rinconvitova.com
This workshop could happen sometime mid to late February. Let him know what days do or don’t work for you.