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March Stencil 11x17FEB 7, 2015 http://stencilsagainstfracking.tumblr.com/march

Thousands are gathering in Oakland to demand that Governor Brown take real action in the face of the drought and end water-intensive practices like fracking across the state.

Stencils Against Fracking has teamed up with the March for Real Climate Leadership and has designed a limited-edition stencil to use to encourage your community to come to the March in Oakland on February 7th!

—FROM http://stencilsagainstfracking.tumblr.com/march

•Santa Barbara Chalks The Walk: http://stencilsagainstfracking.tumblr.com/tagged/SantaBarbara

•Notes on “chalk art”
Use non-permanent chalk
*Note: Los Angeles has an ordinance against chalking.