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Saturday Nov 1st, 7pm
Doors open at 6:30pm
LOCATION: Cornerstone Community Room
705 S. McClelland St.
Santa Maria • 762-4848
$10 donation
no one will be turned away
Proceeds go to Vote Yes on Measure P and HopeDance FiLMs (and to pay the films license)….



Called “a bombshell” and “the best documentary on fracking,” Triple Divide is not your typical documentary. According to the filmmakers their original reports characterize how the state ‘world-class regulations’ fail to protect people, communities, and the environment.


“The public isn’t seeing the full impacts from fracking either in California or any other state because regulators are mismanaging data, and decisions are made based on politics instead of science,” says Pribanic. “The impacts we encountered in Triple Divide are systemic, they’re not isolated to a single state, but the public can learn from these experiences so the stories of those interviewed are not in vain.”


The journalists aim to bring together people on any side of the issue to discuss solutions. “Pennsylvania has some of the best environmental laws in the country, but clearly it’s not enough,” says Troutman.  “Major problems like the ‘Pressure Bulb’ effect from fracking, which we introduce in Triple Divide, can change California’s still aren’t a part of state or federal regulations at all.”


Academy Award-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo co-narrates the documentary and added his voice to the project after seeing the film just weeks before its release in March 2013.  Ruffalo’s nonprofit Water Defense investigates water testing and protection measures. He’s also co-founder of the Solutions Project.


Triple Divide’s namesake, the triple continental divide in Pennsylvania, is one of four highly unique watersheds in North America where three major rivers begin and flow to separate parts of the continent, providing drinking water for millions of people downstream.
“This film is the shocking truth about how water and energy connect us all,” said Troutman.


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