By Grant Marcus

Did you know that the coup in Ukraine, and the
new leader is getting the country in the European
Union through Monsanto?!!! Now read this:

And Crossing the ‘Ts’

What do the brutal actions of Ray Rice have to
do with the President of the United States? Well,
now hear this: EVERYTHING.
In an Atlanta hotel room about a month ago,
Federal Judge Mark Fuller beat his wife to a bloody
pulp, then dragged her body by the hair from room
to room.
During this one-sided attack, Fuller’s wife man-
aged to call 911. The dispatcher could barely keep
her composure as she heard the repeated blows
pounding on Fuller’s wife over the phone, while she
pleaded for help, mercy, and her life for more than
an hour.
When the police arrived, they noted blood and
bruising over Fuller’s entire body. Hair and blood
were found in every room. Mrs. Fuller had been
punched in the mouth several times. Her legs and
arms were burned from being dragged across the
AND, this was not Mark Fuller’s first offense.
In prior alcoholic rages, he had beaten his wife
several times and he had not spared his children
from beatings as well.
We are all aware of the video tape of Ray Rice
and his first offense against his future wife. Ray
Rice would permanently lose his job and liveli-
hood when the Baltimore Ravens received the
entire video tape.
But as it turns out, the NFL Commissioner,
or the Pesident of the NFL, Roger Goodell, had
access to the video tape shortly after the assault
occurred, and covered up the whole thing. The
police department kept as record that they gave
the Commissioner the video tape, and have on
file a phone call to the Commissioner’s secretary,
who is heard thanking the department for sending
the videotape, as she even commented on how
brutal it was. They had sent the video just a few
days following the beating. Yet, Goodell has denied
seeing the video until recently. For his lack of
action, Goodell will likely resign or be terminated.
Ray Rice has permanently lost his job, but
what happened to Federal Judge Mark Fuller, who
had a previous history of wife and child beatings?
Try 24 weeks of counseling in an aversion pro-
gram, with no admission of guilt, nothing on his
record, and not a dollar extracted from his pay
Whose fault is that? Try the coverup of Attor-
ney General Eric Holder and President Obama,
both of whom hold the powers to dismiss/and/or
impeach the federal judge.
We hear all about the rage toward Ray Rice,
renewed Black stereotypes, and the demand that
Goodell be fired, but where is the rage against
Judge Fuller, who, should not only know better,
but live his life by example, as he wears the col-
ors of these United States?
And where is the rage against Fuller’s protect-
ors, Holder and Obama, while they let Fuller re-
main on the bench, sitting in judgment of others?
After all, wasn’t it President Obama who released
this White House statement on the Ray Rice assault,
finding his actions “contemptible and unacceptable in
a civilized society.” Where is the rage against this
kind of hypocrisy, when Obama himself permits
federal judges, representing the jurisprudence of
the United States, to commit the same offenses
as a Ray Rice?
In fact, maybe we should look a little closer at
Obama’s bombs-first policy with the mighty Isis. ISIS
is, in a way, as helpless as Janay Rice. ISIS has
little power to withstand the blows of the U.S. gov-
ernment together with the U.N. and NATO.
The latest war—of countless other wars we’ve
waged for the last umpteen years, while failing
to see the oily elephant in the living room—pits
three giant armies, which have never lost a
war, and which have endless supplies of nukes,
white phosphorous, infrared, missiles, tanks,
fighter jets, helicopters, unmanned drones, satelite,
imaging, etc.,…against the fragile Isis, an army of
just 10,000, who have some AK 47s, a few
remaining howitzers, and lots of hateful words to
fight with. Let’s face it, it’s like Isis and Goliath.
This is as phony a prococation as the 9/11
bait and switch, Iraq for Afghanistan. As re-
ported courageously by the families of the two
butchered journalists on Anderson Cooper last
night, President Obombya and his killing ma-
chine ignored any negotiations, and chose to
use the beheadings as a tool to ignite the Am-
erican people’s interest in yet another war. As
one family member put it, “Saving our son was
not part of the government’s strategy.”
Not to mention that all this “coalition” of fire
power is pummeling the frail Isis, while it is com-
pletely defenseless and exposed to attacks in the
middle of a desert. And not to mention this too:
after 8,000 plus wars in human history, we have
learned that it is women and children who are most
harmed by the clubs, swords and bombs of war.
So we know who, in the end, will be most affected
when the smoke clears from this latest skirmish,
innocent helpless civilians–or women and children.
And why, after months of permissiveness did
we suddenly go after ISIS? Obama hinted at why
when he said ISIS now threatens our “national
interests.” Why? Because just a few days earlier,
ISIS had gone after the oil fields in Iraq. EXXXon,
Helliburton, and Chevenron didn’t trust their future
possibilities. Meanwhile, oil ships are anchored
in harbors because we failed to pay the Kurds for
their oil.
What our government neglects to tell us is
that Iraq is now the second largest oil producer
in the U.S. And since our oil monopolies have
occupied Iraq, and set up puppet governments,
the oil companies prosper and Tricky Dick Cheney
can keep oiling his new heart parts.
But guess where they plan to send all that
oil? They plan to short-cut and short-shrift the
people of the U.S. who paid for their wars, and
instead, Exxxon, etc., plan to become the new
gas and oil delivery system for all of Europe,
thus replacing Russia.
It is for this reason the U.S. engineered a
coup in Ukraine, which harbored Russian gas
lines to Europe out of Odessa. But it is just
one of many established ports for fuel trans-
portation. The coup set up known fascists
linked to Hitler, as well as Monsanto!! The
current leader is trying to make a deal with
Monsanto and this is why trade arrangements
with the European Union are being held in
secret. The new leader’s plan will get Ukraine
into the E.U. through Monsanto’s door.
The most important pipeline city in the U-
kraine was Chersonesos at the edge of today’s
Sevastopol. The Crimean coastline is broken
by several bays and harbors, heavily invested
in for decades by the Russians, and is the main-
stay of the Russian economy. Fascist leaders
of the coup say they will use nuclear weapons
against the Russians once they secure power.
The U.S. will then have its Israel in the Middle
East, and its Ukraine in Eastern Europe, AND
its pipeline furnishing Europe with oil and gas from
Iraq, and in the future, Iran. It can be surmised
that if NATO and the E.U. does not play ball
with the U.S. the U.S. can ratchet up war in the
Ukraine and cut off Europe’s current oil market.
We are the only super power, so we have the
Ironically, war is global warming. 60% of U.S.
oil production goes to its military. The military is
the biggest consumer of oil, and has the largest
impact on climate change. 50% of every tax
dollar goes to the military industrial complex, com-
pared to just 2% in most every other country.
The U.S. has more weapons now than all other
countries combined. This show of power and
ruthless violence have history, and our govern-
ment has only been at peace for 18 of 229 years
of that history. We are a violent nation.
What I am trying to suggest is that Ray Rice
is just a symptom, if not a distraction to a much
larger inherent problem, that of the war-mong-
ering ugly American. who supports the military
industrial complex. And this modern-day Goli-
ath stems from a frontier nation founded on vio-
lence against the indigenously powerless. It is
still the Wild West and calvary in the Middle
East. Ironically, it is 9/11, when we unforgivingly
go on the planned attack again, pointing more
misguided fingers and missiles against countless
innocents for the deaths of a few, while we refuse
to hold up the mirror. The public has been dumbed-
down by the propaganda of special interests, while
our government exacts vengeance in genocidal
extremes against a phantom enemy
Rice, Fuller, and and the men ofU.S. foreign
policy have lived their lives by privileged example,
and Bush and now Obombya have set the lowest
of brutal, if not beastial bullying standards to live
by. No wonder our rabid, flailing presidents continue
to coverup the likes of Federal Judge, Mark Fuller,
the oil trail in the Middle East, and Monsatan in
Ukraine. We know Fuller is far from the lone cover-
up, as we know too, we are all powerless to stop
the brutal assaults of our nation. And it is done
in the name of oil, the weapons industry, and
corporate security on indigenous peoples across
the globe. Obombya has made that Faustian
bargain, as have past presidents before him, for
every man, woman, and child in America. It is
no accident that the uggliest of ugly men still
have ultimate power, and rule the world.

“You run, then slump, swaddling
your lone infant. While his face
streams with tears of blood, the
shrapnel goes through, and yet
your breasts still fill with milk.”
–The poet, Mei Yao Ch[en on Vietnam–