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Interview with Curtis Bennett, chief science officer for Thermografix Science Corp. He talks about health information related to smart meters and how buildings are effected as well.
INTERVIEW: http://youtu.be/ZN33PZySTdU?t=29m28s 

See the first part of the interview with Sheila Hemphill and Coleman Hemphill, on the dangers of smart meters and the legal strategy activists can use http://youtu.be/ZN33PZySTdU



Some Notes:

Wireless technology puts you inside the circuit.
With smart meters .. one smart meter router covers 5 square miles. Smart meter collectors have a range of 125 square miles.

Our government allowed the utility companies to go around standard regulatory process to install smart grid. As a utility — they did not contact any other department to insure safety or any science departments/organization to see what happens if you bathe the whole area in frequencies, penetrating the ground up to 3 feet.

The public utilities are saying they are experts and don’t need to consult on anything or with anyone. Our public utility commission is supposed to be that regulatory body/processs. They allowed the utility to bypass the public utility commissions process.

These frequencies are also damaging buildings. Smart meters put out 900 MHz. This can cause structures to be weakened. It causes buildings to compromise building codes. Its like the building is in a constant molecular earthquake. It causes the structure in the fire separations to flip directions 1.8 million times per second. This is fatiguing the buildings. Micorwaving inner building material.

Even more harmful for a living organism. These high speed frequencies induce currents into a living organism.

The grid is on 24/7. People and the buildings are all being hit 24/7. the higher the power density the stronger the vibrations and corruption. Many buildings are illegal according to building codes. The owners will have liabilities for that. How many billions of times per second before we see a building cannot be occupied.

In America appliances have a frequency 60 hz as opposed to smart meter at 900 MHz (thats megahertz). Our brain that operates at 8 hz.

Concrete structures are built under certain circumstances, they are licensed under specific code. The Smart Meter frequencies are at 900 MHz – this vibrates buildings (needless to say what it does to people).

Utilities are taking over jurisdiction of areas. There are electrical codes to building anything. They moved forward with this technology before any research was done.

Organisms are not electrical compatible with these frequencies.

The Utility does not have the jurisdiction to radiate people in their homes and the buildings and houses. THe city engineering department does not know about this.

The fact these frequencies are harmful is backed up by medical educational practices currently in Universities. This line of science is accepted medical education.
The frequencies are illegal.

Smart meters utilize a 912 MHz frequency and emit pulsed rf radiation 24/7, with full body exposures at up to 160x that of cell phones (Hirsch, 2011). This is an example of thousands of studies that show this is dangerous to the public health. http://www.smartmeterdangers.org/index.php/smart-meter-research/112-pulse-modulated-900mhz

Search the web for more information. There’s a ton on information out there!

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