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—Update from Audra W.

imagesI had to wait for the dust to settle, and for the listed on line published tally of votes from yesterdays’ close call in the California Senate. Unfortunately, the swing voters did not heed our voices and SB-1132, Holly Mitchell’s anti-fracking bill was killed on the CA senate floor on 5/29/14. 

The good news? We got much farther this year than last year. Also, more counties and cities in California have banned fracking and are continuing to do so. Recent surveys show two thirds or close to 65% of Californians want fracking banned. We are ever closer every year.

Californians, I encourage you to thank these senators for trying. They need our support and encouragement.

Hero’s = Ayes (YES vote): Beall, Corbett, De León, DeSaulnier, Evans, Hancock, Jackson, Leno, Lieu, Liu, Mitchell, Monning, Padilla, Pavley, Steinberg, Wolk

The bought and sold senators who did not heed your calls to action to protect our best interest as a whole? I encourage you to print out their names and make sure they are voted out of office. They are a waste of our time and tax payer money.

NO votes: Anderson, Berryhill, Cannella, Correa, Fuller, Gaines, Galgiani, Hernandez, Huff, Knight, Morrell, Nielsen, Torres, Vidak, Walters, Wyland

No Votes Recorded (these people didn’t even show up to vote): Block, Calderon, Hill, Hueso, Lara, Roth, Wright, Yee, Hernandez

Please keep sharing this petition. http://pac.petitions.moveon.org/sign/ban-fracking-in-califoria?mailing_id=22789&source=s.icn.em.cr&r_by=1730892





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Fracking Fact Sheet





YES voters who hold seats that are up for re-election November 4, 2014 (keep these people in):
Evans, De León

NO voters who hold seats that are up for re-election November 4, 2014 (vote these people out):
Cannella, Berryhill, Fuller, Anderson