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SIGN PETITION: http://www.peaceteam.net/pass_sb1272.php

citizensunitedPut SB1272, The Overturn Citizens United Act, On The November Ballot 

No later than May 30th, 2014, the entire CA State Senate must vote on SB1272, to put this critical Voter Instruction Measure, the Overturn Citizens United Act, on the next general election ballot.

We, the people of California, call on all members of the CA Senate, and the CA Assembly in succession, to stand with the overwhelming majority of the citizens of the State of California in expressing their support of a federal constitutional amendment to correct for the wayward Supreme Court decisions turning our elections over to big money special interests.

If you only click a mouse one time this year to submit an action page this is the most important click of all, to get the full CA Senate to pass sb1272, the Overturn Citizens United Act.

Pass SB1272 Now: http://www.peaceteam.net/pass_sb1272.php

If you have spoken out before on this we urgently need your voice again right now to push this over the top. After two huge victories in committee, this is the most important test of the will of the people to overturn the Citizens United supreme court decision by constitutional amendment, to get the undue influence of special interest money out of our elections.

And after you submit the action page, if you have not requested one of our beautiful Money Is Not Equal To Speech bumper stickers, you can get one for no charge, not even shipping.

Money Is Not Equal To Speech bumper stickers: http://www.peaceteam.net/all_bumper_stickers.php