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gmo_deesWant GMOs labeled in California or to slow Monsanto’s plan of global perversion of the seed supply?

Senate Bill SB1381 to Label GMOs passed Judiciary Committee! Here’s what we need to do next —

Lobby for SB1381
Let the California Legislature and Governor Brown know we will not give up until GMOs are labeled in California! Contact the seven (7) state Senators on the Appropriations Committee: Senators DeLeon, Walters, Gaines, Hill, Lara, Padilla and Steinberg.  Phone numbers, emails below and here http://www.labelgmos.org/

“Hi, my [name], from [city]. What is the Senator’s position about SB1381? Fine, I hope s/he decides to vote YES. It is very important to me and everyone I know that the Senator help this bill get enacted. The claims of paid corporate lobbyists that it will raise food costs and trigger frivolous lawsuits are not true. It is a good, popular bill. Thanks.”

Here are the CA Senate Appropriations Committee members with contact info:

Kevin de Leon, Chair, 916 651-4022916 327-8817 fax   senator.deleon@senate.ca.gov

Mimi Walters, Vice Chair, 916 651-4037916 445-9754 fax  senator.walters@sen.ca.gov

Ted Gaines, 916 651-4001916 324-2680 fax    senator.gaines@senate.ca.gov

Jerry Hill, 916 651-4013916 324-0283 fax     senator.hill@senate.ca.gov

Ricardo Lara, 916 651-4033916 327-9113 fax     senator.lara@senate.ca.gov

Alex Padilla, 916 651-4020916 324-6654 fax    senator.padilla@senate.ca.gov

Darrell Steinberg, 916 651-4006916 323-2263 fax    senator.steinberg@senate.ca.gov

Do you have friends and family in other parts of the state?
Ask them to get involved. They can use the “Comments” page on the Legislative Information System website  http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html
Click:  “Contact me.” They will be directed to a web form for name, street address, interest area, e-mail address and phone.  Only constituents can communicate via this system, but there is space for detailed comments.

He is introducing a bill to pre-empt state labeling laws—
•Allow GE ingredients in “natural” foods
•Codify the existing voluntary GE labeling system
•Prevent FDA from requiring GE labeling
Call him at (202) 225-6216 and tell him how you feel about his bill.

If Appropriations does the right thing, next is lobbying the whole Senate.
Nothing is guaranteed, but Coalition lobbyists are cautiously optimistic that we may just make it to the Senate Floor.  We continue to get word that we are being heard and talked about in Sacramento.  Hence, we need to start letting Senators all over the state know that we want them to vote yes on SB 1381. EVERY SENATOR COUNTS!!!

Email, FB and tweet that link to your friends and followers. Our philosophy is that although they really want to hear from voters in their district, when they are on a Committee they represent us all.


Next step, ask Latinos and Latino organizations for endorsements and to phone Latino legislators. Right now that means DeLeon, Lara and Padilla, and if they do the right thing, then we are counting on all the rest of the Latino leaders in Sacramento. When you call Senator Lara, thank him for a YES vote in the Judiciary Committee. That was awesome since he is the leader of the Latino caucus.

Contact CAUSE, UFW, LULAC, Hispanic Chambers, etc. Ask them to go HERE to http://www.caforgefoodlabeling.org/endorsement_main_page and endorse SB1381 for the sake of Latino children and everyone.

Latinos currently control votes in the California legislature and some apparently take donations from Big Industry, Oil and Agriculture companies that pressure them to vote in lockstep with Monsanto and the CA Farm Bureau and the CA Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, the Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business (that does NOT really represent small businesses!)

Tell these legislators that everyone needs to be able to avoid GMOs, especially when they are so high and toxic in infant formula, baby food, and corn products.  Tell them what our Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson said in the Judiciary Committee hearing, “I don’t see anybody getting rich off of this.” and “I’d like to know what my daughter is feeding my granddaughter.”  Senator Jackson rocks. You can tell her at her web comment form.


Help get endorsements on the website. http://www.caforgefoodlabeling.org/endorsement_main_page

Help get endorsement letters. We need letters from farmers, licensed health professionals, scientists, store owners that can be sent to key legislators. Let us or Pamm Larry plarry@labelgmos.org know if there is any way you can volunteer several hours over the coming two weeks on this.


Write Letters to Editors!
Some say to us, “Make your calls to action shorter and more frequent.” But we need all these lines of action happening fast and we would rather be ACTING than writing more calls to action!

The shorter the better. Open strong with one big point or argument. Be respectful and upbeat.  No Monsanto-bashing. End with call to action. Here are some possible closing sentences:

•I would like the [paper] to report more about why people need the food labeled.

•This is to ask our state officials to do all they can to get this bill passed.

•We need the [paper], or local organizations and businesses to endorse SB1381 by going to www.labelgmos.org.

VCStar: Email your letter of maximum 300 words or ideally less to letters@vcstar.com with name, complete physical address and phone number.  Ask the newspaper to endorse SB1381. If you represent an organization that has endorsed, write on behalf of that organization.

VCReporter:  Email to editor@vcreporter.com, the shorter the better

Ojai Valley News: Editor@ojaivalleynews.com, 350 words might be accepted, but make it short unless you get an invitation for an Opinion Editorial.

Acorn (Conejo Valley): 350 word limit and you need to use their online submission form.  http://www.theacornonline.com/

Everyone reading this can write 50-250 words about why you want GMOs labeled in California and email to letters@vcstar.com and editor@vcreporter.com  and other local papers.  The message is that this will not cost the state, we have cleaned up the language of this bill compared to Prop 37, there will be no citizen lawsuits, we want labels and want them now.  Three other states had overwhelming bi-partisan support for their GMO labeling bills. EVERYONE eats.

More Detailed Status of the Bill and the Huge Difference You Can Make

SB 1381 the CA GE Foods Labeling Act has passed two policy committees in the CA Senate and will be heard in the Appropriations Committee on May 12.

Some of you are cynical about our pathetic best democracy $$ can buy. Step up anyway, because those of us who have more patience need your help now.  Trust us. We CAN AND WILL make this work for the 93% who say when polled that they want the food labeled.

Some of you feel exasperated wondering why we aren’t just lobbying for a ban! Sure we think it should be banned, but the elected in Sacramento aren’t there yet.  They don’t have time to read the science about health risks as they are so busy being visited by lobbyists. This is the political reality we are working within.

Some of you are figuring out that revolutionary changes in our country have always taken a lot of hard grassroots work. The LabelGMOs CA Grassroots has been doing that hard hard work since summer 2011 thanks to the profoundly dedicated, wise and inspired leadership of Pamm Larry our Initial Instigator. And she is there in Sacramento as you read this and she is reporting that they are hearing us. Sad to say, we do not have area leaders in the Central Valley Districts of California, so if you know people there, tell them to call their Senators. Pamm is telling LabelGMO grassroots area leaders that IF these electeds get lots and lots of emails and calls, they will pass this law which will be a very big blow to biotech.


Help out on the planning team:  https://www.facebook.com/events/219561518250150/

Rally – Friday May 23: 4-6 at the Monsanto facility in Oxnard, Rice and Camino del Sol

March – Saturday May 24: 9 am – Noon from Walmart on Victoria to the County Government Center in Ventura



1.  Phone Senator Ricardo Lara to thank him very much for voting YES in the Judiciary Committee.

2.  Focus lobbying in coming week on Senators DeLeon and Padilla. Senator DeLeon is on the right side of so many issues and he was supposed to be on board when SB1381 went to the Health Committee, but he was a no-show apparently with no excuse he was willing to share. I wonder if he caved to industry pressure and thought it would go unnoticed. We are justified in asking where he was on the afternoon of March 26 for the vote in the Health Committee where he is a member and indicated he would be voting YES.

3. Start now asking Senator Ed Hernandez of Los Angeles why he voted NO in the Health Committee.That is truly shocking. The Los Angeles City Council has voted four times to regulate or prohibit GMOs and 52% voted YES on Prop 37 in spite of all the industry propaganda. He did not vote in line with his own constituents for SB1381. If we quietly let these Senators get away with ducking their responsibility to the people a second time, what else will they do that is not in the people’s interest?



Have you watched Genetic Roulette?  Rent for $2.99, or buy the DVD $14.99, or borrow from Ron, email labelgmosventura@gmail.com, or arrange for a group watch party.

Do you also want to kick butt about climate change, drought, fracking, leaking oil pipelines, exploding rail cars, peak oil and peak food?


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—From Jan D.

Photo/Illustration: David Dees