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If you don’t understand why smart meters are not good for your health or for your freedom, please watch a couple of these videos.

Jerry Day/Dangers of Smart Meters

The Difference Between Smart Meters and Conventional Meters

Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity and Disease
Smart Meters use microwave radiation to monitor gas, water, and electricity. They are transmitters that interrupt 60 Hz  current and contaminate electric current waves. Smart Meters are transmitters.
CHECK THIS OUT: He measures radio frequency microwave radiation on a Smart Meter http://youtu.be/ci5GGqEPecE?t=2m38s


Center for Electrosmog Prevention

Symptoms Some Experience with Smart Meters

VC Reporter Article: http://www.vcreporter.com/cms/story/detail/smart_meters_ready_or_not_here_they_come/9718/

Ojai Valley News Blog Article

Jerry Day/Smart Meters

Santa Barbara Smart Meter Forum


What To Do? 

Send a notice by certified mail that you don’t want smart meters. With that implied consent goes out the window.

The information below is from http://stopsmartmeters.org/how-you-can-stop-smart-meters/

WRITE the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
505 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102, or call them at 800.848.5580.
Los Angeles office: 800.365.0550

Outside of CA, check for what governmental body regulates your utilities. Visit this webpage to file a complaint: https://ia.cpuc.ca.gov/cimsapp/?key=39949189

Tell them that you oppose the installation of smart meters on your home or business because of health, safety, and privacy concerns, and insist that they enforce the “opt-out” option for individuals, cities, and counties.  If you have a smart meter and have been suffering health impacts, go to your doctor and get written documentation, submit a complaint the to CPUC at the above webpage and submit a complaint to SmartMeterHelp.com.  You can also tell your story on EMF Safety Network.

Send this letter to your water/ gas/ electric utility by certified mail today.

PG & E Petition http://signon.org/sign/pge-smart-meter-fees
PG&E will now charge any customer who opts out of a smart meter a $75 opt-out fee. In addition to the $75 you will be charged an additional $10 a month. PG&E has admitted that tens of thousands of its meters are not working properly, are not giving proper readings, and there are bills that they have to estimate and this is a really big problem, Smart meters have been shown to have a toxic effect from exposure to microwave and radio wave radiation the meters emit.

SCE/Edison Smart Meter Info.
Find out when they are going to try and install these in your neighborhood

SCE Customers: call 1-800-810-2369.  They will tell you you cannot opt out but continue to insist on retaining your analog meter. Don’t take no for an answer–the CPUC mandated that they have a delay list!



Smart Meters Exposed

Pt. 1 http://youtu.be/HXah4AWoWTk

Pt. 2 http://youtu.be/V6cWDVUbH3g

Pt. 3 http://youtu.be/VuZg4IoyNM0

Pt. 4 http://youtu.be/aMkdzp2V5U4

Canadian delegate asked for a full review of smart meter program
A clip of Robin Austin, MLA for Skeena debating on a motion in the BC Legislature to urge the Government to direct the B.C. Utilities Commission to do a full and comprehensive review of the Smart Metering Program.