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This is not a joke. These standards have been implemented or are beginning to be implemented in most states. The states become agents for the Federal Government to enforce data mining on students. It is tied to ObamaCare. It’s a trojan horse.

They way you learned math is no more with Common Core. It strips mathematics of its fundamentals. If a kid does subtraction the way we were taught it will be marked wrong. They must do the 18 + steps to get it right. This is just one example of how bad it really is.

Mother talking about Common Core with example of Common Core math problem.
This is crazy!

ALT Link: http://youtu.be/wZEGijN_8R0

You are not going to believe this!



TRAILER http://www.commoncoremovie.com/

Common Core emerges as potent election issue for fed-up parents
“Parents across the country may hold the key to this year’s mid-term elections as they vent their anger over the implementation of a controversial education achievement measure called the Common Core State Standards Initiative.” — Read Article http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/03/29/common-core-emerges-as-potent-election-issue-for-fed-up-parents/


Background on Common Core and Threats to American Liberty
Teaching Children WHAT to think not HOW to think

This hour long presentation explores the new government mandated Common Core standards being implemented in public schools, private schools and homeschool curriculum. Dr. Pesta and Mrs. Black offer an in-depth look at Common Core, its longterm impact, and why American’s should be concerned about these standards.

More information on The Freedom Project at: http://www.fpeusa.org

Notes on this video:
Common Core is Complete Federal control of Education. Loss of State and local authority.

Common Core is linked to Obama Care.
There is a lot of comments in ObamaCare about schools.

They insist that kids have computers, and install software to track your kids

IRS will also have access to all data collected on the kids, their parents and teachers.

Many of the documents that used to be online are no longer available. One of them contained this documentation on Student Affective Sensors that the Dept. of Education plans to implement. Some of those documents may still be found at http://www.fpeusa.org.

Also attached to this is: Iris scanning and voice scanning in schools. They also may require FMRI, kids will have a map taken of their brains, similar to an MRI.

National Sexuality Education Standards are part of Common Core education.
1st and 2nd graders will get education/explanation that sexual attraction goes across genders.
Document here: http://www.futureofsexed.org/documents/josh-fose-standards-web.pdf
*search online for other sources if this link no longer works.

Common Core will effect home schooling families.
The standardized tests are changing to reflect Common Core principles. So home schooled kids may have a more difficult time passing these.
SAT has already conformed its college entrance exams to Common Core.
Also if home schooled kids don’t do well on these tests, it may be said that they are not getting a proper education.


Teacher describes why she left teaching in public schools

Teacher Goes into details on Common Core
Dr. Peg Luksik http://youtu.be/KzLrYIDQiqY

Notes From This Video —
States had to say they would implement “rigorous” college standards in order to get money from the Federal Gov. Also had to establish a Pre-k to college longitudinal data system on every kid and every teacher. It mandates the elements the data system has to maintain (SLDS).

Common Core is a pre-K through College Mandate.
This is a big expansion of how the government is involved in education.
They never were involved in College education before.
The Federal Government controls the assessments.

These are not standards for the schools, but standards for the kids.
The state is mandating that your child comply with the standards.

The standards are set low so everyone can meet them, so exceptional kids are lost.
The standards dictate the curriculum.

Curriculum must be aligned with standards and feds control the tests.
The federal gov. controls testing.

The data system follows the kids their whole life.
The data plan had to be submitted for the state to get funding.
They also track the teachers.
This data will be accessible to researchers, vendors, police, employers.

Bill Gates is spending a lot of money on this. He funded lobbyists to put this together. 150 million invested by Gates Foundation.

There is an entire manual on what they collect on teachers.
They also collect health data.

No Child Left Behind had enormous penalties for states that did not meet the standards. No Child left Behind meant schools had to prove they had 100% of kids meeting the criteria. If they did not meet them, all the staff would have to be fired and the school would have penalties. States wanted this monkey off their back.
In order to get out of that, they had to agree to Common Core.

On Standardized Tests
They only provide “cut score” info on tests instead of the real data on how kids do on the standardized tests. Proficient or not proficient. The teachers don’t get real data anymore as to what questions the kids did well on or didn’t.

Teachers are being evaluated on how kids do on the tests, even though the standards are changed all the time.

The goal is that everyone will be in the “system” from birth to death.


Charlotte Iserbyt Report
Author and former educator Charlotte Iserbyt spoke with the electricity of a spark plug about how the American school system purposely indoctrinates our children into robot servants of the system. Common Core is work force training.

Learn more about Charlotte Iserbyt and her book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America:

Sites she references:
Anita Hogue report http://www.newswithviews.com/Hoge/anitaA.htm


If you like Check out the Common Core Website: http://www.corestandards.org/
States that have adopted Common Core Standards

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“Educators are questioning the purpose of testing. Lawmakers in several states are pushing back against federal regulations. A momentous standoff between California and the Obama administration looms.” —FROM http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/a-fight-is-brewing-over-tests-in-the-common-core-age/2014/02/12/e9eb5ad0-932c-11e3-84e1-27626c5ef5fb_story.html

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