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The Los Angeles March was held in Santa Monica at Ocean Ave. and Colorado Ave. overlooking the Santa Monica pier last Saturday January 25. We peacefully and respectfully marched through the Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade, and made some stops at the Farmers Market on Arizona & The Promenade. A big Thank You to all who participated!

For many years people have noticed persistent contrails coming from jets and lingering in the sky for hours. Science’s reasoning for what we are seeing is that these are simply contrails, or condensation trails of jet exhaust. The problem with this explanation, leading to what the mainstream media has termed as the “chemtrail conspiracy theory,” is that it does not agree with the actual science of flight and weather. Contrails are very short, last only a few plane lengths behind the aircraft, and only occur at altitudes above 30,000 feet. They are composed of ice crystals that dissipate quickly behind the plane. Chemical trails can happen at much lower altitudes, and now with the Plane Finder App for smart phones, many lay people have been documenting persistent trails at lower altitudes. 
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