305118_275843149113732_834901771_nOccupy Oxnard meets most Sundays at Plaza Park in Oxnard.
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/7lvQ7

Discussion/Working Group for General Assembly of Occupy Oxnard.

Occupy Oxnard is inspired by both the global and national movements, seeking to spread awareness, increase political participation, and to peacefully insist of the power brokers that the needs of The People must be met. We are non-partisan, but seek inclusive, political, and social solutions to the problems that burden our community,and individual’s rights.

The “Occupy” movement was inspired by world events in which people have called for responsive government, economic reforms, and justice for all. The first American “Occupy” – Occupy Wall Street – was initiated on September 17, 2011 near Wall Street in New York City. Since then the movement has spread, and it is gaining support in cities all over the country.