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They are only accepting signatures through tonight, Dec. 10. Please sign if you can!

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 7.32.48 PMPlease join the sign-on letter here that asks the California Coastal Commission to prevent offshore fracking. The recent news that oil companies are fracking for oil off California’s coast is alarming. Fracking uses toxic chemicals; it compounds the risks of oil drilling; and it extracts fossil fuels that contribute to climate change. The California Coastal Commission has launched an investigation into offshore fracking and it has the authority to protect California’s coasts from risky fracking. The letter below will be delivered to the Commission to urge a halt to offshore fracking.

Dear Commissioners,
On behalf of the undersigned organizations and our members, we urge you to protect California’s coastal waters and marine life from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, of offshore oil and gas wells. Fracking is happening in state and federal waters off California’s coast. This practice has received little or no oversight despite the hazardous risks it poses. The Coastal Commission has a broad mandate to protect our coastal resources, including wildlife, marine fisheries, and the natural environment. We urge the Commission to exercise its authority to halt offshore fracking.
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The deadline is December 10, 2013.