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tpp-protestObama and friends who REALLY want to push the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) ‘trade agreement’ through Congress could make a POWER PLAY in the wee hours next week.

In case you have not been reading/listening about the TPP, go to the links below why we do not want this agreement to be approved by Congress. The TPP must be blocked in order to protect our rights to GMO labeling and bans, slow down America’s drilling and export of natural gas, and prevent the abuse of consumers, labor, independent media, and the earth through a host of NAFTA style international agreements that supersede the sovereign rights of nations and states. If this passes, and there is something you want to do that is good for people, workers and the earth, this and other “free trade agreements” set it up so a corporation will sue you if you try to do it. Do not believe the garbage about this in the mainstream press. Those are not journalists or reporters. The people writing those cookie cutter wire articles are the “stenographers for the elite”. They are not telling you ANYTHING close to the real story. You must go the Pacifica radio programs like Democracy Now!, Sojourner Truth, or web news like Truthout or another totally independent news organization to have a clue about what the totally undemocratic future our government is working  stealthily to prepare for us.

PLEASE listen to the National TPP Team Sunday afternoon by phone with visuals at the website (you can just phone in, but they run slides that help you follow the talks).  You will be inspired and heartened; well-organized activism is an antidote for the blues. This is how the 99% will prevail. This is about everyone learning to work together to learn in spite of massive media blackouts and organize to defeat those grabbing for all the money and power.

This week is a pressure time before Congress recesses. Please help the STOP THE TPP CAMPAIGN so it doesn’t suddenly become law behind the backs of the sleeping American public.

Do yourself a favor and plan to dial in to this web/phone call Sunday at 4:30.

Details for the Sunday, December 8 National TPP Team call at 4:30 p.m. PST,  7:30 p.m. EST: You will need both a phone and a computer to participate. CALL IN FIRST from a land or cell phone (not your computer) before you click on the link to the meeting room. Enter the access code when prompted.

Dial-in Number: (559) 726-1300     Participant Access Code:  536655 #

Be sure you have enabled cookies, then click on this link to the meeting room and follow the directions to log in:  http://www.anymeeting.com/moveforjustice1
(NOTE: You will need Adobe Flash Player installed to access the online meeting room, to follow along with the agenda PowerPoint, and to use the real-time chat box feature. We use two services for the call, so you cannot link to the audio portion through your computer microphone – you need a phone to listen to the call.) If you are security-conscious, you can easily clear all cookies and add-ons from your browser after the call.



The 20th round of TPP Talks began today in Singapore and is scheduled to continue through Monday. Here in the U.S. (particularly in Washington D.C. and New York City, home of the TPP-loving New York Times) we seem to be witnessing a Battle of the Public Relations All-Stars.

Conflicting reports about a possible Fast Track Bill began surfacing last week, and my inbox has been flooded with questions every day. The most common: “Will there or won’t there be a bill introduced before the holiday break this coming Friday (the 13th!) and what can/should we be doing?”

We were encouraged on Thursday when ranking Congressional Democrats (including Rosa DeLauro and George Miller, authors of the colleague letter signed by 151 of their peers) held a press conference and released a statement reaffirming their opposition to fast track, and citing a number of specific reservations they had about TPP.  Steve Israel, leader of the DCCC (a longtime Obama supporter and key fundraiser for Congressional Democrats) expressed serious concerns about TPP and how the president has been handling the whole thing. Later that day a Senate staffer – likely working for Baucus or another pro-TPP member hoping to ease the anxiety of foreign investor corporations before the current round of negotiations began today in Singapore –  “coincidentally” gave a story to the Times indicating that a fast track vote would happen next week.

Here’s what we DO know for sure: 

If a Fast Track bill WERE to “drop” out of committee and onto the floor of either house for  vote next week, it would still have to pass BOTH houses of Congress. While we’re reasonably sure it’s a non-starter, we also know that anything can happen in Washington. The last time fast track was granted the vote happened in the wee hours, and squeaked through by only couple of votes.

That’s why we’re encouraging everybody who has time to keep up the pressure on their representatives. Send emails, make calls to their D.C. offices, tweet to their Twitter accounts. If you have lots of people who can do it, go down to D.C. and drop a letter off in person, or hold a rally.

Click here to quickly find your member of Congress by putting in your home address. This site also features a one-click link to the same information in Spanish:  http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ 

This link is to Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch “Take Action” page, where you will find a quick script you can use to urge your member of Congress to oppose fast track.  (You can use the number for the Capitol switchboard listed on the page, or follow the link above this one to get all of your rep’s contact information first.) This page includes a report-back feature: http://action.citizen.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=12267 

Here’s a link to Flush the TPP’s action page, which includes many resources and a place to report your actions: http://www.flushthetpp.org/one-more-week-to-tell-congress-to-vote-no-on-fast-track/

Here’s a link to the PDA interactive TPP map page, where you can click on your state to find your rep, and also look up their Twitter handles: www.pdamerica.org/tpp

Follow this link on Tuesday, for this week’s Twitter Storm links: https://twitter.com/TPPMediaMarch


Thanks to Jan D. and Liz and Elizabeth W.

Image Credit: http://thetyee.ca/Mediacheck/2012/12/11/TPP-Negotiations/