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gmo_freeHave you heard that the City of Los Angeles is working toward a GMO Free Zone?  Los Angeles City Councilmen Paul Koretz and Mitch O’Farrell recently introduced a motion to ban the sale and distribution of genetically modified organisms (GMO seeds and plants) within the city. If the ban passes, Los Angeles will become the largest GMO-free zone in the country!

Genetic modification is scary stuff.  We don’t want it in our food!  
We don’t want it in our seeds — which are what produce our food, and are the future of our food supply.

Ask Los Angeles City Council to declare L.A. a “GMO-Free Zone” with respect to seed and what is grown here. Protect urban agriculture and the homemade food industries.  Create an huge example, for other cities and towns to follow.  And make a stand for the future, beginning with one of the world’s largest cities.

A coalition of local food activists and food garden activists is asking L.A. City Council to take real and tangible ACTION. Your signature on this petition declares that there is plenty of grassroots public support to do this!

Sign on-line petition
http://www.thepetitionsite.com/757/656/984/make-los-angeles-a-gmo-free-zone/ Note: Please complete city & zip fields!  City Council needs to see this!

Can you help us get petitions signed? 
Download petitions here and turn them in by Dec. 15th- http://seedfreedomla.blogspot.com/2013/08/help-create-gmo-free-zone-in-la.html?m=1

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