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stop-frackingOPTFrom Aura W. — Please call your State Assembly Representative immediately, and ask to put stronger language in the Pavley bill for an immediate Fracking Moratorium for California. They are probably going to vote state wide this week, or next week.  

There is no way to regulate earthquakes and cancer. Here is the link http://assembly.ca.gov/assemblymembers for the State Assembly reps. Please, look up yours, and call their Sacramento office. If the link does not work here, please copy, and paste it in your browser or please Google your state rep and call their Sacramento office.

This could really make Pavley’s bill stronger. It is the only fracking related bill to survive the brutal Appropriations Committee vote. We have to get them to amend it, if they are going to approve it. Your calls are getting through and are making a huge difference. Your calls are letting them know that, we their constituents, who voted them into office, are watching their moves! Your calls, puts the spot light on them, and keeps the pressure on! Your calls are very important!

Thank You!