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stop-frackingOPTRight now the only fracking bill that’s still moving through the California legislature, Senate Bill 4 (SB-4), is too weak to stop fracking from expanding in California.

We know there’s no safe way to frack, and it’s clear that fracking will continue to endanger our communities and our climate if SB-4 passes in its current form.

SB-4 falls far short of what’s needed. Here’s why:

  • SB-4 allows Big Oil to stop the public from knowing the types and quantities of dangerous chemicals it injects underground by designating them as “trade secrets.”
  • SB-4 won’t protect California communities from cancer-causing air pollution produced by fracking.
  • SB-4 won’t stop the industry from taking huge quantities of clean water, mixing it with toxic chemicals, using it for fracking and then permanently removing it from the hydrologic cycle by disposing of it in earthquake-causing injection wells.
  • SB-4 won’t prevent the latest industry experiment — acidizing — which involves injecting massive amounts of rock-dissolving hydrochloric acid underground to free up pockets of dirty shale oil.
  • SB-4 will not make fracking any less of a threat to our climate. This summer California has been hit by climate change-fueled wildfires that have blackened thousands of acres and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to fight.

We need to draw a clear line in the sand: any regulations that allow the fracking industry to extract vast quantities of dirty, planet-warming oil from our state should be rejected.

Tell Speaker Pérez and Appropriations Chair Gatto to ban fracking in California
SB-4, the only fracking bill still in the California legislature is too weak and won’t protect Californians from water and air pollution caused by fracking.

Join us in telling Pérez and Gatto that California can do better!


Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 9.47.09 PMTell Governor Brown to Ban Fracking Now!
Fracking is a type of oil and gas drilling that injects millions of gallons of hydraulic fluids – a mixture of chemicals, water and sand – into a well to create pressure that cracks open rock underground, releasing natural gas. Fracking threatens our drinking water, our air, public health, the environment, and more.