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*Updated Information added 6.29.2013

Restore the 4th
A rally to restore the 4th Amendment on the 4th of July, 2013!

4th of July Parade – Venice/Santa Monica
8 AM – We are now meeting at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium at the Chain Reaction statue between Santa Monica City Hall and the Civic Auditorium.

For all those wishing to be in the parade, first PLEASE confirm your participation so we know to be looking for you.  It will be very important to be on time, as each parade participant will need to register on-site with parade officials.

Dress creatively in red, white and blue.

Our main theme is Whistleblowers are Heroes – which we got approved through the parade officials – is central to our public outreach for this issue.  We will have some signs, etc … if you wish to bring your own, please remember we will need to get it by the censors.

If you arrive after registration, or prefer to be part of our solidarity team, we will need volunteers to be handing out flyers, whistles and showing support from the sidewalks – so even if you are running late PLEASE show up – as there will be much to do and your support is very much a part of the success for this action.

Thank you, everyone for being a part of this – it is going to be an incredible day of fun and activism.  Look forward to seeing you all there.

MAP: http://goo.gl/maps/4f6fU

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/RestoreTheFourthVenice

PRESS RELEASE http://www.restorethefourth.net/press/


FACTS: http://www.restorethefourth.net/faq/

J42UHQrORGANIZE A RALLY IN YOUR AREA!  http://www.restorethefourth.net/resources/

Dissent IS Patriotic

Whistleblowers ARE Heroes