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ong-6-5-1024x442June 6, 2013OCCUPY (INTER)NATIONAL GATHERING
AUGUST 21-25
Who/What: OCCUPY (Inter)National Gathering 2013
Attendance encouraged by all Occupiers and interested parties. Occupy Kalamazoo will be hosting the second round of Occupy National conferences, August 21-25, 2013, following the wildly successful Occupy National Gathering that took place in Philadelphia, PA, July 2012.We, the National Gathering Working Group 2013 (NGWG2013), propose a National Gathering of the Occupy Movement, and peoples’ movements worldwide, in Kalamazoo Michigan, to collectively assemble and embrace our different ideologies and perspectives; to find our common visions; to share our strategies and actions; and to leave this gathering with steps we can all take in both agreement and diversity; for ourselves, our communities, our nations, and for all of us all over the world.There will be a special focus on indigenous peoples, race, gender and class throughout the convergences.

Occupy National Gathering working group (NGWG2013) is a coalition of Occupy movements from cities around the world, uniting in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and with Occupy and peoples’ movements worldwide.

Where: Many people ask why Kalamazoo? Bill Moyer said it best on a planning call, that Michigan is a hotbed of activist activity at this moment in history.  Environmental issues plague the state and the Great Lakes; the political situation rallied tens of thousands as Rick Snyder eroded the state’s unions;  there are Drones bases and a solid anti-war base, and Kalamazoo has a reputation for being the sixth-meanest city in the country towards its homeless population.  A homeless Bill of Rights is being worked on by Occupy Kalamazoo.

Why/Theme: The focus of the Occupy National Gathering will be leadership building and people powered training, education, and actions. To empower people with trainings to take back to their community and spread positive and effective change in their communities.

Aug 21st:  Renew Kalamazoo and your community.
Aug 22nd: Making and Supporting Free, Unfettered Media
Aug 23rd:  Fixing Fossil Fuels and Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Future.
Aug 24th:  Economic and Trade Justice, Equal Access and Ending Corporate “Personhood”,   Asserting the People’s Sovereignty.
Aug 25th:  Ending War and Our Police State, Building Peace and Cooperation.

A global conversation A digital conference taking place August 22nd-24th.  Each day will also have a global component and conversation based on the needs and issues of the global community, roughly paralleling, but by no means restricted to, the daily themes.  The Global work, like NatGat2 itself, is a work in progress and will be developed by participating groups.  Please join our global partner, Via22, for monthly mumble meetings 22nd of each month on the occupytalk.org server, Via22 room.  More info on facebook and the Via22 website and Hub on InterOccupy.

More Information: http://interoccupy.net/ 

The Occupy National Gathering, like all Occupy events, strives to be free and provide Mutual Aid for essentials like food, water, sanitation, housing, transport, media and support. All services are provided free by volunteer teams and participants. Donations to defray unavoidable costs accepted through our fiscal sponsor, AfGJ. Please select Occupy National Gathering under Cause.

Watch the conference on Livestream:
OccupyDetroitOfficialChannel: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/occupy-detroit

Occupy Kalamazoo: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/occupykalamazoo

Join Our Weekly Planning Conference Call  
Every Wednesday at 8pm EDT until the Occupy(Inter)NatGat2013
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