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Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 9.18.17 PMPlease join us in the March On Monsanto Sat. May 25
Rally at Oxnard WalMart at 9:00 am and start march over to Monsanto at 10:00 am


Arrive at 11:00am on the corner of Rice Ave. And Sturgis Rd.
For the Protest Against Monsanto
(parking is limited and some distance away)
Monsanto Company: 2700 Camino Del Sol, Oxnard, CA

If you have cancer, diabetes, hormone disruption, digestive disorder, asthma, learning disabilities, Autism, Parkinson’s of if you know someone who does, you need to know the Monsanto connection to these diseases. 

Study Links Monsanto’s RoundUp to Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Heavy use of herbicide RoundUp linked to health dangers-U.S. Study

The ABC’s of EDC’s (Endocrine Disrupting Compounds):  http://www.mawaterquality.org/publications/pubs/EDC_Factsheet_3_2007.PDF (Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide has been shown to disrupt the endocrine system IN HUMANS by interfering with steroidogenesis.)

• Neurotoxic pesticides are contributing to the rising rates of ADHD, autism, widespread declines in IQ and other measures of cognitive function. Over the last 15 years, the rate of U.S. Children being born with some kind of developmental disability has grown by 17%.

• Pesticide exposure also contributes to rising rates of childhood cancer, birth defects and early puberty. Overall incidence of childhood cancer has risen 25% since 1975, and incidence of leukemia and childhood brain tumors, the two most common types of childhood cancer, have risen 40% and 50% respectively. Studies suggest that exposure to pesticides during pregnancy and early childhood are contributing to this trend.

• Emerging science indicates that pesticides may be important contributors to the current epidemic of childhood asthma, obesity and diabetes. More than 7 million children are now affected by asthma, up from an estimated 2 million in 1980.

MAY 21: The next planning meeting for the March on Monsanto is
6:00 PM Tues. May 21 at City Corps at the top of California Street, Ventura.