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Your Calls last month to the Natural Resources Committee, helped to SUPPORT AB 1301, asking them to PASS A MORATORIUM ON FRACKING IN CALIFORNIA!

imagesThanks to your help, AB 1301 made it out of the Committee on Natural Resources. The response from constituents, and the calls made to the NRC, was unprecedented!

We need your action again by this Wednesday, and will in the future. Your contribution is power!

Now we face a far more difficult challenge with the Appropriations CommitteeThis is the next “hoop” to jump through. The Appropriations Committee Leadership Members, need to hear from you in the next two days before they make their decisions about the dangers of Fracking in our Beautiful, Agricultural state. 

Let them know Californians reject the Big Oil propaganda stories of late, that fracking “will bring economic salvation to our state.” 

Short term “Boom and Bust,” Dirty Jobs, will make workers and civilians sick. It is the price we will pay. Is having more land, air and water permanently contaminated -worth a 14% job increase, in an industry that is shipping our U.S. surplus of oil and gas overseas?

There is a glut of oil and gas around the world. There is no shortage. Let big Oil and Gas, Frack in a desert or a remote area away from people and clean water! California is too populated and fracking raises the price of our clean drinking water. The fuel industry uses metric tons of our clean water, to extract more fossil fuel than we need.

The land parcels have been sold off. Those who own Private Corporate or Government owned Fracking Leases, want to make money off the land rights they sold. If you live on Frack land, you do not own the mineral rights there. You may get a few dollars a month for those mineral rights, if any at all! Not kidding.

A Culver City resident signed away her mineral rights and gets $11 dollars a month from the local petroleum company. They have been drilling under her house for at least 10 years, poisoning her; land, and air! If she had a water well connected to her house, that water would have been permanently destroyed when they started fracking under her house. U.S. Farmers are already competing with fracking, for irrigation water, previously designated for our food crops.

It is irrational to frack near civilization. Again, drill for oil and gas in remote areas! Not near people or bodies of clean water!

TELL THE Appropriations Committee; WE REJECT THE TERRIBLE HEALTH COSTS OF FRACKING! There is no reversing the pollution, and danger to human life.

Committee on Appropriations Website: http://apro.assembly.ca.gov/

PLEASE CALL BEFORE WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2013. Your voice matters and did the last time, and it will again and again!

CALL:  Chair of the Appropriations Committee, Assemblymember Mike Gatto
(916) 319-2043, Sacramento office
(818) 558-3043, Burbank office
Email: https://lcmspubcontact.lc.ca.gov/PublicLCMS/ContactPopup.php?district=AD43

Access all members of this committeehttp://apro.assembly.ca.gov/membersstaff

Vice Chair of the Appropriations Committee, Diane L. Harkey
Email: https://lcmspubcontact.lc.ca.gov/PublicLCMS/ContactPopup.php?district=AD73

CALL:  Speaker of the Assembly, Assemblymember John Pérez:
(916) 319-2053, Sacramento office
(213) 620-4646, Los Angeles office

Here are two versions of things you could say:

I am a California constituent. I urge you to ensure the passage of AB 1301, the Fracking Moratorium Bill.  California simply cannot afford the huge costs of permanent water, soil, and air contamination, resulting from this destructive industrial process. Indeed many have already been exposed to the toxic by-products and after effects of Fracking unbeknownst to them or the surrounding community. They have been poisoned in secret, because the chemicals used in the fracking process had the protection of being called “proprietary.” This is ridiculous. Nothing that goes into the ground, water or air is proprietary. Especially when it is filled with known cancer causing ingredients.

Fracking has been excluded from the clean water act for years. It has already caused considerable damage to our underground infrastructure and water supply. It is essential that we take the right steps now to stop this, not only for ourselves but for future generations.

WE CANNOT AFFORD FRACKING IN CALIFORNIA! It is not worth the risk. There is no part of our water supply that we can “afford” to contaminate to use for this purpose.

Everyone in the California legislature that steps up and stands up against this is a hero to so many of us. This is of vital importance. Thank you for your efforts!


I am a California constituent. I urge you to ensure the passage of AB 1301 Facking Moratorium Bill, out of Appropriations and the State Assembly.  California simply cannot afford the huge costs of permanent water, soil, and air contamination, resulting from this destructive industrial process.

Any imagined benefits from increased revenue are zeroed out by long-term risks to public health and the environment–and by fracking’s extreme acceleration of climate change. It is going to be one hot Summer after another, as it is! 

Look to Louisiana for a morale story on fracking. How many jobs did they lose from contaminated land and water? The Gulf pollution from the Deep Water Horizon 2010 fracking disaster, is still leaking 3 years later. That accidental explosion and subsequent crude oil leak, killed everything in that region. It was once rich with fisheries and natural coastal sea food resources for the entire country! The disaster has decimated fishermen, and other industries related to Louisianan export of wild and farmed seafood!

WE CANNOT AFFORD FRACKING IN CALIFORNIA! Short term jobs for long-term Losses. It is not worth the risk, or price of our health -as a state.


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Thanks Aura!