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FrackingHaltOPTBIG NEWS! 

The first step to Banning Fracking in California, has been approved in Sacramento!

There is a lot more work to be done though. The Natural Resources Committee voted 5-3 to temporarily halt fracking till further health assessments can be done. The moratorium bills passed including  Santa Monica Assemblyman Richard Bloom’s Bill 1301. Which would stop fracking until further legislation is enacted outlining how it can occur safely. We know it cannot be proven safe.

Two similar bills; AB 1323 by Holly Mitchell, and AB649 by Adrin Nazarian, call for creating an advisory committee to review health, environmental, economic and other effects. They would recommend regulatory changes. They both deserve praise. Now the studies need to be conducted and data collected. That ball has already started rolling.

Those bills from Holly Mitchell of Baldwin Hills and Culver City, and Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian, of Sherman Oaks, would require state officials to decide by January 2019 if fracking should occur in California.

It is still an uphill climb! California was the 3rd largest producer of oil and gas last year, and those natural resources were also the biggest export for the US in 2011! It is very frustrating that our neighborhoods and agricultural farms, and groundwater are getting poisoned,  while we are getting gauged at the pump so people overseas can drive cars for $9 per gallon and up!

If  you don’t know what Fracking is please check out these documentaries:

Gasland   http://youtu.be/phCibwj396I and http://youtu.be/D_uNx2fXlfE

The Sky Is Pink  http://youtu.be/EJV-navBUQ4

Thank those Assembly Voters who voted in favor.

Put pressure on members of the Appropriations Committee, esp. the chair Mike Gatto (represents Atwater Village, Burbank, Glendale, Hollywood, La Canada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Los Feliz, Montrose, and Silver Lake). http://apro.assembly.ca.gov/
(916) 319-2081

If you are up to it, feel free to call Shannon Grove a republican who voted nay, and who thinks fracking is fabulous. She prefers to tout a proposed 14% increase in dirty jobs that would boost revenue for some, and cost millions more in cleanup, water waste, and cancer deaths as a result. Hmmm? A fair tradeoff? I think not. Tell her that you support a ban on fracking. Her contact info is: 4900 California Avenue, Suite #100-B, Bakersfiled CA, 93309 Phone: 661-395-2995

The article link below gives a great synopsis of the vote on Monday. All who placed calls made it happen! You did it!

A big special thank you to Holly Mitchell for listening to petitioners who called to pressure her to toughen up the language in her own bill. I heard that she was a tigress on the floor! As well as to Kassie Siegel, of the Center for Biological Diversity who stood up to grilling by Shannon Grove. Kassie stood her ground supposedly telling Grove something  to the effect of “We citizen’s don’t need something which has never been regulated, and which we do not know enough about yet, but know is probably not safe.” There is overwhelming evidence that it is not safe!

Here is a good article reviewing the historical events that happened around this monumental vote, yesterday 4/29/30  in Sacramento: http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_23132781/lawmakers-consider-moratorium-oil-fracking

Feel free to call the Assembly Appropriations Committee; Mike Gatto and Diane Harkey. Tell them you support a Moratorium and Ban on fracking in California because current methods are too toxic : (916) 319-2081http://apro.assembly.ca.gov/

Tell all assemblymembers how happy you are about the Moratorium vote and why dirty jobs are a short cut to financial help for a short term, and a long term nightmare! Remind them, our water shortage is an ongoing issue and fracking uses up metric tons of our drinking water!

Please Keep sharing this petition to get the word out!: http://signon.org/sign/ban-fracking-in-califoria?mailing_id=11814&source=s.icn.em.cr&%3Br_by=2081239&r_by=1730892

Thanks to Aura Walker MA, CHt for the lowdown on the situation.