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Food and Water Watch reports that AB 1301, AB 1323 and AB 649 all passed yesterday in the California State Legislature. Bills sponsored by Richard Bloom (AB 1301), Holly Mitchell (AB 1323) and Adrin Nazarian (AB 649) will put a halt on fracking while this practice is assessed.
Food and Water Watch Report: http://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2013/04/30-3

Info. isn’t up on the site about the vote, but will probably appear in the Journals soon.

This is a huge win for Californians threatened by fracking pollution,” said Kassie Siegel of the Center for Biological Diversity. “These bills will protect the air we breathe and the water we drink from cancer-causing chemicals and other fracking pollutants. That’s why a fracking moratorium is supported by nurses, farmers and so many others concerned about our state’s health and environment.”

California used to be a leader in sustainable environmental policies and health. We are taking that place again. Show the way California! Thanks to everyone who voted for this in the California Legislature. You are true heros!