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Join us at the gates of Fort Meade, where Bradley’s trial will begin.

bradrally300Join us at Ft. Meade, MD on June 1, 2013, for a mass demonstration in support of the heroic 25 year-old soldier who exposed war crimes and disturbing foreign policy through the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. Bradley Manning will have spent over three years in prison by the start of his trial — 11 months of which were spent in solitary confinement. The UN has issued a report calling his treatment cruel, inhuman and degrading.

Top military officials have the power to reduce Bradley’s sentence. However, they have done everything in their power to distract public attention from this case. Reporters have complained they have less access to these proceedings than Guantanamo Bay military tribunals. Let’s show the military and President Obama the public support that exists for our most prominent American whistle-blower, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bradley Manning! Don’t let the military get away with unjust persecution, abuse, and sending a whistle-blower to prison for life. Bradley is in prison for us, let’s get out to Ft. Meade for him!

More Details: http://www.bradleymanning.org/featured/rally-for-bradley-manning-at-fort-meade-june-1-2013

Bus from Baltimore, MD 

Leaving June 1st at 11:30 am from the 2640 Space at 2640 St. Paul Street, Baltimore. Contact baltimore@bradleymanning.org, or better yet, reserve your seat today ($10).

Bus from New York City

Leaving early June 1st from NYC (time and pickup location TBA). Reserve your seat today ($20).

Bus from Washington, DC

Leaving June 1st at 11:30am from in front of Union Station, Washington, DC. Contact malachy@bradleymanning.org, or better yet, reserve your seat today ($10).

Located outside these cities, but interested in organizing others to go to Ft. Meade? We are offering small grants to help with organizing buses and vans to carpool to Ft. Meade for June 1st!

Help us continue to cover 100% of Bradley’s legal fees! Donate today.

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