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AIAA (AMERICAN INSTITUTE O FAERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS) is holding a conference in Westlake the end of March to make California the Drone Producing Capitol of the World!!! Go here for more information:

Like Paul Revere, Spread the Word
By Grant Marcus

Today is Sunday, and when you think about it,
no greater day for freedom in America.  For some,
it is a day of spiritual committment.  For others,
a day of spiritual enlightenment or discovery. And
for some, a day of relaxation, a day to test one’s
wings for a variety of explorations.  But whoever
you are, or whatever you’re into, Sunday in America
is still, for most of us, that sacred time to express
who we are as individuals.  Gender, religion, color,
age, or sexuality does not matter.  It is a day of
American freedom.
That’s what I was thinking, with my spiritual
day before me, taking the dog for a walk in the
Ventura hills, and watching her enjoy the many
wild odors in the colorful wild grasses as I looked
out over the miracle of our treasured coastline,
the longest stretch of coast in the world.
As I was feeling one of those beautiful mo-
ments of extraordinary peace, I looked into the
blue eye of nature and thanked her for all she
ceaselessly gives me.
And that’s when I saw the white plumy syn-
thetic streaks in the sky, unlike striatus or cum-
ulus, crossing repeatedly in tic-tac-doe patterns,
as if the numerous jets were crossing into all of us.
It repulsed me, as if I were witnessing the rape
of everything precious, my own rape as well,
as the planes defiled the azure, leaving their
scars and excrement above all of us.
And now, I realize this scarring will not stop
with nature, it will continue with our freedoms.
For the Drones are coming!  The drones are
coming to America’s sunday, to America’s
day of rest, to America’s Constitution, to Amer-
ica’s Bill of Rights, and to America’s freedom!
On the 7th day, they will not rest.  And Ass.
Jeff Gorell, GOP, together with the A.I.A.A. will
not let them–or us–rest either.  They plan
to develop drone technology here in Ventura
County.  It will be used first on Ventura County
residents.  Drones will fly over head and report
how many times you made love to your wife this
week, what you ate for dinner, and what maga-
zines you read, preying on you silently and spot-
lessly from 1000s of feet above by infrared
through your bedroom windows.  That informa-
tion can then be used by the corporate world to
“better influence” you and your shopping or id-
eological endeavors.  And they can do all that
in secret under “national security,” and without
accountability.  We will be the drone guinea pigs
of America to end any semblance of the right to
privacy we might have thought we had.
It will mean our Sundays, no matter who you
are will not be the same.  No matter who you
are, you will be watched, exploited, and domin-
ated, even on Sunday.  On Sunday, the eyes of
Big Brother America will be upon you every sec-
ond, every minute, every hour–and like radia-
tion, invisible and impossible to detect, until it
is too late to realize its horrific effects on our
psyches, as corporate power and its insidious
technology continues to change  America as
we know it.
On the Gorell website, “Gold Team Califor-
nia” (think privileged, the 1%) together with the
AIAA, are promising drone “growth” to increase
“by 700% between 2012 and 2018.”  The GTC
is partnering with AIAA, the world’s largest aer-
ospace manufacturer to bring drone (UAV) pro-
duction to California.
On his website, Ass. Gorell states, “Califor-
nia is a natural home for this aerospace technol-
ogy for the world…California is a natural home
for this aerospace expansion and I would like
the design, development, manufacturing and
testing jobs to come to the Ventura County region.”
What essentially Gorell is saying is that it is
more important to bring big business to Califor-
nia than to be concerned with the ramifications
of our rights to privacy, or America’s freedom,
or if that big business will eventually be allowed
to kill Californians without due process..
Attny Gen. Eric Holder has stated that drones
can be used on “American combatants.”  Wnen
our government begins to see us as “terrorists
or “combatants” which it must fly drones against,
to kill us, without due process, without judge, jury
or trial–that our government and one leader is
the be all and end all, prosecutor, judge, jury, and
executioner, something has dramatically happened
to the America we know, trust, and understand..
If you have not been sold or propagangster-
ized by Big $peech, and you still believe in the
rights to privacy, our Constitution. and the Bill
of Rights, please attend the March 26th-28th
“symposium” on drones.  See for yourself of
what is about to descend on California and
freedom as you know it.  See in person, techno-
BigBrotherAmerica, courtesy of A.I.A.A.  Both
conservative demos and ultra conserv repub-
licans are involved in this project.  The confer-
ence will be at the Westlake Village Hyatte Plaz-
za.  Let’s occupy the plazza and particiapate.
You can do that by googling www.aiaa.org/
CAuav for a reservation.
Save your Sunday.  Save my Sunday,  Save
America’s one day left of freedom.  Think frack-
ing.  Think Keystone.  Think Monsanto.  The
drones are coming! The drones are coming!
And they will destroy freedom, and they will
destroy us as well.  It’s time to face the 1%
and Occupy the Drones..