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February 17, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

Citizens rally to show solidarity with Idle No More and others protesting the Keystone Pipeline to encourage the president to lead in a balanced approach to climate change, planet change, universe change (its all heating up from what I hear). To work with Congress, to work together to create real policy. A good place to start is the rejection of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Next to create a real energy policy that is natural and doesn’t leave us with generations of waste to deal with. Halt fracking and other dangerous water polluting practices. Hey what about solar or some of that stuff Tesla came up with? Why not?

Video by Mark Nichols & Cassidy Rast.


Video Link : http://youtu.be/HZ5yAqZi7yw

Facebook: http://j.mp/RallyLA
Website: http://j.mp/LARally

More Info: http://bit.ly/wB0OPU

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