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Carpinteria State Beach
Carpinteria, CA
6:42 pm – 8:00 pm

Attending: Nico, Blair, John, Adrienne, Janet, Keely, Kendra, Audra, Glenn, Lucas, Dug, Tom, Tracy

Facilitator: Blair
Timekeeper: Glenn
Stack: Adrienne
Greeter: John
Note taker: Tracy

The meeting opened with a one minute round-robin.

The following dates were announced for upcoming actions:

August 9 – In Santa Barbara, Solidarity with Occupy LA International Chalk-upy Chalk Art Protest

August 11 – Move to Amend conference in LA

August 19 – Call to the Peaceful in Solidarity Park in front of LA City Hall at 10:00 am

August 20 – Robert Ramirez Action at Oxnard Police Department

August 30 – All day protest in front of new Chik-Fil-A opening on Thousand Oaks Blvd. in Westlake Village

September 1 – Funk the War dance party to protest war at noon in Mission Park, Ventura

September 17 – 1 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

September 17 – Protest and GMO Labeling information event at Monsanto offices in Oxnard, 4 – 6:30 pm

October 15 – Global Noise Around the World

November 5 – Occupation in Washington, D.C.


1. Lucas read a statement concerning police brutality. He wants to send the statement as a letter to all legislators in the 805 area asked Occupy 805 to endorse the statement and sign the letter. Members of the group asked for clarifications which Lucas addressed.

During the discussion, the assembly agreed to limit discussion of each proposal to six minutes beginning from the point in time that the decision was made.

Discussion continued on Lucas’ proposal. Janet offered to work with Lucas to craft the message, but Lucas was anxious to send the letters the night of the assembly. Kendra also offered to work on the wording. Audra suggested that a working group meet the next day. Lucas asked the assembly to empower the work group to wordsmith and sign the statement on behalf of Occupy 805, possibly with consensus from the next Occupy Santa Barbara general assembly. The proposal ran out of time without resolution.

2. Glenn asked Occupy 805 to endorse, participate in, and assist with the September 1 Dance Party and also asked everyone to take the proposal back to their own cities for endorsement. The proposal received consensus.

3. Adrienne passed out post cards and shared the address of Occupy Wall St. She asked everyone to use the post cards to let Occupy in New York know that we support them and wish we could be there for their event. She also suggested that we send post cards to others to let them know what we think about the upcoming election.

4. Kendra provided a presentation on the GMOs and the Proposition 37 Label GMO initiative on the upcoming ballot. She said that the pro campaign needs help to fight the big money opposition. She passed around a petition in support of Prop. 37 for individuals to sign. The assembly gave consensus for Occupy 805 to endorse and support Prop. 37 and to sign the petition as an organization. Audra stood aside because she does not want to take part in a system that she does not endorse.

5. Monsanto Protest
Janet shared information about the action that will take place at the Monsanto offices in Oxnard from 4 – 6:30 pm on September 17. The event has its own Facebook event page and is called Monsanto Protest and Yes on Prop 37 – GMO labeling. Occupy 805 previously endorsed the formation of a work group and now Janet is asking 805 to endorse the event. Lucas suggested that the protest start prior to employee arrival at Monsanto at the start of the work day. Janet responded that the purpose of the event is to educate about GMOs and the November ballot initiative. We don’t want to harass the employees. Kendra agreed with Janet and reminded the assembly that Occupy 805 has already endorsed the Label GMOs ballot initiative. After discussion Janet’s proposal was amended to state that people could protest at Monsanto all day if they desired, but the main event would still be held in the evening. The proposal received consensus as amended.

6. Lucas asked the assembly to affirm that the Ventura College English Department needs to include poetry. The proposal received consensus. Lucas then read a poem that he wrote about human rights. He asked Occupy 805 to endorse the poem and send it to all politicians in the 805 area code. The assembly reached consensus to have Lucas and other group member collaborate to create a poem as a group.

7. Janet proposed that Occupy 805 collaborate with Occupy Santa Barbara on a totally free market. She wants to create a working group for the market and other non-capitalist activities. Blair provide information that OSB requires a quorum of 13 to make decisions, which they have not had recently, but puts working groups together and does have a similar effort in the works. Lucas shared that OLA decides on a quorum by taking 90% of the average attendance of the last six meetings and using that as the number of attendees required for decision-making. Nico thinks that a totally free market could be arranged outside of Occupy and the groups don’t need to collaborate. Lucas asked to amend the proposal to set a date. Discussion on the proposal ran out of time. Janet and Blair agreed to exchange information and work together.

8. Lucas asked Occupy 805 to endorse solidarity with Judith of Santa Barbara in her efforts to shut down the nuclear power plant. The proposal received consensus.

The next meeting of Occupy 805 will be held on September 4, 2012 at 6:00 pm in Mission Park in Ventura.

The meeting closed at 8:00 pm with a solidarity clap.