California GMO Labeling Law — Prop #37
PLEASE Speak up so this stops!
Outreach at the Westside Art Walk
Sat. July 21st and maybe Sunday 22nd.
Want to join us? email: earthworks_works@yahoo.com
General outreach, volunteer education & training, materials pick-up
Thursdays 19th & 26th
5:30 pm at Lassens on Main in Ventura
Watch the Film “Genetic Chile” (1 hour)
Sunday July 22nd at 7pm
108 Orchard Drive – Rincon Vitova (the Bug Farm) 1 mi n. of Shell x Ventura Ave.
A movie about Genetic Patents and the unknown health risks in genetically modified food.
Virtual Safe-Shopping Tour
Sunday July 29th, 6pm
108 Orchard Drive
TO RSVP & MAPS: www.labelgmos.org/ventura (events – 93003 zip)
For state wide efforts and to endorse: www.carighttoknow.org
For in-depth scientific, health, and political analysis on genetic engineering: