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From Aura Walker: Here is a video of myself handing in the 30,000 plus signatures on behalf of Culver City and California, as we get this ball rolling to Ban Fracking for all of California: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBwuV3oaAgE&feature=player_embedded 

On Friday, 7/13/12, I delivered the first of many kits of the “Ban Fracking in California Petition” signatures, targeted at California Senators and our Governor Jerry Brown.  I was able to hand off the first kit to Senator Curren D. Price’s District Director James Westbrooks. The kit contains 30,000 plus signatures on CD, to Ban Fracking in California, starting with Culver City. Why Culver City first? Culver City is fighting the hardest right now for all of California. Senator Price lives in Baldwin Hills on the edge of Culver City, near the fracking site currently in question.

Culver City has the largest urban, contiguous oil wells in the country. As a parent and concerned citizen, Californian, and Culver City resident, I got on board to support the Ban on Fracking in California in order to; save our drinking water, prevent cancer clusters, earthquakes, and property damage. All irreversible side effects of Fracking. Culver City is a leader in the Ban on Fracking for all of California. Culver City is built on a major fault line, as well as Marsh and Wetlands that connect to the Ocean. In preserving our immediate environment, and our fresh water resources, we are preserving ourselves, and a bright future for generations to come.

Please continue to share and sign (if you have not already) our California Ban on Fracking: http://signon.org/sign/ban-fracking-in-califoria?source=s.em.cr&r_by=1730892&mailing_id=5025


INFO. from the Environmental Working Group report  http://static.ewg.org/reports/2012/fracking/ca_fracking/ca_regulators_see_no_fracking.If thE link no longer works, download the pdf here: ca_regulators_see_no_fracking.pdf

A decade later, Chevron Corp. Scientists wrote that as of July 1, 1994, “over 2,000 fracture stages have been performed during the completion of over 600 wells” in California’s Lost Hills field, an area that was not subjected to much fracking until the mid-to-late 1980s. [13, 14, 15] The article said fracking had become more than commonplace, stating: “Massive hydraulic fracturing treatments… are an integral part of developing these reserves.” [16] That same year, an industry publication reported that Chevron and Dowell Co. Performed a world record “frac” in the Lost Hills, pumping 2.97 million pounds of sand proppant into a single well. [17]  (pg.10)

The database maintained by the oil and gas industry’s website Frac Focus, where companies can disclose information about their fracking practices if they choose, lists 78 wells in California as of Feb. 21, 2012. [21] Of these, one is in Los Angeles, one in Ventura County and two are just barely off the coast of Long Beach. One is shown near Santa Barbara on a map, but the attached documentation places the well in Kern County. The other 73 wells are also in Kern County. All of these wells were fracked sometime in 2011 or 2012. Listings on Frac Focus are entirely voluntary and are known to be incomplete, so this accounting is not likely to be comprehensive. (pg. 11)

*Thanks to C. Meyers for info.