This is what transparent horizontal direct democracy looked like in Constitution Park, Camarillo, CA on June 19.

~This information is public and free in whole or in part to anyone who wants it. (Note: these are the notes taken by one autonomous individual)

Attendance: Audra, Riley, Lucas, Mina, John, Richard, Dug, Janet and Glenn

6:40pm Janet requested content on facilitation team, consensus made.

-Dug and Janet: Co-facilitating
-Audra: Stacker and board writer
-Mina: Greeter
-Lucas:  Note taker, encourages others to also take notes
-John-Time Keeper

Livestream consent requested by Audra (Riley blocks, assembly ignores her block)

-Passed around hand signals chart
-Set time limit of meeting to end at 8:30pm

Open stack for Reportbacks
-Dug-Ventura County board of Supervisors passed corporate personhood/money is not free speech resolution and asked US congress for constitutional amendment. State of California senate is working to pass corporate personhood resolution

-Lucas-Occupy Santa Cruz interested in nuclear power action in San Luis Obispo, food justice, and equal rights for the un-housed. They are working with Occupy Monterey on anti-foreclosure protests.

-John: Occupy Los Angeles reportback: 626 Wilshire ongoing nightly protest at Central City Association, daytime occupation at Pershing Square, which might be renamed to Revolution Square.

-Audra: NATO summit Chicago media did not cover what happened to NATO 5 (Google Chicago NLG) for OccupyCHI.org go to jail support 1.4 million is bail for one person we don’t know what their charges are, donation are greatly needed. Please send letters of support too.

Glenn: Op-Defense Working Group series of protests CVS on Telegraph and Victoria Noon June27 against CISPA

General Announcements
Ventura College campout starting June 20 at 5pm near the closed cafeteria
(FB: Occupy Ventura College Summer Camp)


  • Occupy 805 endorse Fort Manning 3-day occupation of federal courthouse in LA near -Solidarity Park demand justice for Bradley Manning, going to trial on July 16th.  Consensus for endorsment
  • Occupy 805 endorse Wells Fargo protest June 23 beginning 10AM (indefinitely) at Janns Rd and Moorpark, in Moorpark And support Yard Sale 7/7 Yard Sale, 580 Wilshire St, Newbury Park, Oriane Rousseau’s house. Proceeds generated go directly to Oriane. Consensus
  • Occupy 805:  add “call for translators” to process amendments: find out if bilingual people are within our group, offer what we have, provide by need. Consensus
  • Occupy 805 call for gender pronouns – clarification of process/no proposal
  • Occupy 805 GA biweekly concerns: O805 regional GA too much gas money – but missing one is okay because all of us do other meetings/GAs. Sometimes if it’s on a Tuesday every time, that might be the day somebody can’t make it. Twice a month good, changing day from time to time. -First Tuesday of month standard. Second GA floater change days.- Audra amends once we get rolling on facilitation
    branch out hit up other occupy meetings, do outreach and get them to come here. Mina-Obtain list of meetings, every two weeks, choose somebody else’s meeting to show up at. Roving 805 group that shows up at other GA’s, for outreaching only, not to take over their meeting. Working Group created
  • Occupy 805 endorse June 25 Sacramento foreclosure action. CONSENSUS
  • Occupy 805 endorese Chase Protest in Simi Valley at Sycamore and Cochran on Friday June 29 10 am — indefinitely. CONSENSUS
  • Occupy 805 endorse NATGAT June30-July4 (Audra and John will be attending)– Hard block by Lucas
    Amendment: O805 endorse NATGAT in Philadelphia June30-July4, but not endorse any proposals consented to by any GA that occurs during this action.CONSENSUS

Next GA —Tuesday, July 3rd, 5:00pm at De la Guerra Plaza in Santa Barbara, CA.

Disclosure: Edited by Janet on 5/21/12. Notes are subject to human error and may be amended and reposted.