Facilitators: Kate and Richie
Time keeper: Brian
Note-keepers: Tracy and Janet
Greeter: Glenn


MAY 1st General Strike
Justin- reported that he differed from the rest of the group on May 1 by going to an action on the Santa Monica campus.

Lucas- reported on the May 1 Government Center action.

Shakti- said that they started the day with breakfast in front of McDonalds, carried foreclosure signs in front of various banks, and visited a congressional office before going to the Government Center.

Janet- reported on the Monsanto “mini” protest on May 1st.

Report on LA activities.  The 805 group marched to the main convergence point, went on to Pershing Square for events there. Many people joined direct actions during the day.

Lucas reported on attending the last OLA GA and said that there were no new people there.


Brain- talked about Occupy News Radio.  He said that he needs help and donations. Visit OccupyNewsRadio.org to listen and to make donations.

Audra- the NATO summit coming up in Chicago.  Space is still available on the LA bus leaving on May 15 and returning on May 22.  Travel expenses are being paid for people on the bus. She will be going and live-streaming


Janet-Support Bradley Manning event occurring May 24 at a location in Pasadena from 3 – 6 pm.  ( could be available-$5 reimbursment toward train tickets to the event.)  Attendees from 805 can either carpool or take the train.  The proposal was consented.

Lucas- Demand justice for Kelly Thomas and issue a statement to the Orange County DA to prosecute all 6 officers, demand drug test for officers, and participate in actions at the Orange County courthouse:
• Consent to have Occupy 805 banner down there
• Lucas will draft a letter from us and Randy said he will help. The proposal was consented.
• Lucas- Nuclear plant action: to endorse and stand in solidarity with Occupy Boston on June 20 or maybe June 13.  It was noted that a 94 year old woman in Santa Barbara wants to have an action at Diablo Canyon plant.  This woman was involved in shutting the plant down in the 80s.  The proposed was table until a larger or specific action is planned nearby.

Lucas-OLA feeds the homeless after their assembly.  We should do the same on the pier.  We could call it “Feed In on the Beach.”  The proposal needs a working group.  Consented to form a working group.

Glenn-Anonymous is protesting businesses that support CISPA.  We need a working group to plan substantial protests. Contact Glenn for the dates, etc.
The proposal was consented.

Justin-National Committee Member of the Socialist Party of America wants to ask Moorpark City Council to pass resolution opposing corporate personhood, just like T. O.  Justin and Janet agreed to help lead this effort for the Moorpark area and to go before the Moorpark City Council. Continue efforts with working group.

Justin- host events for students at the community colleges, like Civics Day. And  have an O805 GA on the college campus in August to inspire college students to start their own assembly. Proposal was tabled.

Lucas-write a letter from 805 to the community college graduating class.  Decision to take that action only as long as nothing is printed  – only use electronic means of distribution. The proposal was consented.

Janet-Continue Monsanto protests (GMO labeling is on the ballot, now let’s get it passed).  Join with other groups to have a movie night to show educational film.  A working group was formed.

4. Questions:

Do we endorse a letter supporting Occupy FCC?  Yes.

We have content for Occupy Ventura Star Newspaper.  Lucas wants to write it.

Suggestion was made to reach out to OLA for support.

5. Wrap up/discussions/next meeting:

-The group discussed the identity of Occupy 805 and when and where to have the next meeting.  The 805 area code is very large.  It extends from Simi Valley to just south of Monterey, but the only interest in our meetings has come from Santa Barbara to Simi Valley.

-There was interest expressed in defining what the 805 is, by creating or adopting a manifesto. Discussion was made to create a working group to create the 805 manifesto.  Some people felt that it’s not necessary because Occupy 805 is a coordinating/action based group.

-Occupy Oxnard is active but didn’t show up tonight.  They meet every week.

-A representative from Veterans for Peace was in attendance-Joe.

-Lucas encouraged us to meet at the Government Center every Tuesday morning, speaking during public comment at the Supervisors meeting and then holding a People’s Assembly in the atrium.

-The decision was made to hold the next 805 GA on June 5.  The location will be determined based on the interest of Occupy Santa Barbara.

-Someone pointed out that the budget cuts at the junior colleges are planned to include cutting out GED education.  The suggestion was made that we could provide classes to help individuals studying for their GED.

-A request was made that anyone with information about actions planned by other groups post them to Facebook and notify Occupy News Radio.