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Attending the NATO protest in Chicago was enlightening and frustrating at the same time. It is apparent what our country will look like as a complete police state if we don’t rise up and try to make our fellows aware enough to take action.  There were many sisters and brothers amongst me in this protest of over 10,000 people that were arrested. Some had their charges dropped, others had false charges and many are still in jail without bail money to get out while they await their court date.  Please consider donating, every bit helps. —Audra

Regardless of political perspective, all who supported actions against the NATO summit should agree that those still in jail due to arrests during the summit should be out on bond as soon as possible.  

For all the great work that the National Lawyers Guild does, raising bail is not something that they can legally do for their clients. That is up to individuals and organizations not legally representing the imprisoned.
The NLGuild still does not have definitive information about everyone who is still incarcerated, let alone what their charges and bail are.  They hope to have that information in the next few days.
All funds raised will go directly to those whom the Guild is able to identify as people who, as friends and family members, are trying to raise bail funds for their loved ones. We can and should debate what went down on Sunday night, but what’s most important right now is that there are people still in jail who no doubt are desperate to get out immediately.  We should do what we can to make that happen.

Donate on-line here:


I would like to organize a “RUMMAGE SALE” for this weekend to help send some bail funds. All money raised will go to the account above.  If anyone has a nice big yard with high visibility we can use, please email me.

I would also like to suggest a “JAMfest” of bands to also help raise money which I am currently working on finding a venue for, any suggestions?
Bands in the area have been supportive and are interested in participating.  I could use help if anyone is willing. I will attend the next GA to make such a proposal but time continues more quickly than I can by myself.

Please help spread the word and request for a venue for a JAMfest of bands and a nice large yard for a rummage sale to be done ASAP!
Email Audra@OccupyNewsRadio.org if you can help organize or contribute to these two fundraisers.