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From —Garrett Sergeant/Editor
While We Watch Documentary

This past winter I edited a film called While We Watch, which chronicles the media revolution of Occupy Wall St. It has also emerged as the first definitive film about the movement in general and has helped continue the conversation sparked by OWS.

The film will be shown as part of the Ventura Film Festival. It will close the film festival in either a 100 or 300 seat theater. The only stipulation is that we create as much attendance as possible.
This is where we need your help. We are incredibly excited by this opportunity and would like to invite Occupy Ventura, Occupy Santa Barbara, Occupy Oxnard, Occupy Thousand Oaks, and Occupy Venice to attend and take part in the screening.


#whilewewatch – Trailer from #whilewewatch on Vimeo.

The screening would be July 14 in Ventura.
For more information:
Contact Garrett Sergeant garrett.sergeant@gmail.com