It was great, the march was HUGE, but wasn’t just Occupiers.  There were unions, immigrant rights people, LBGT (2 separate groups for some reason), a prison reform group.  Like I said, don’t think they all identified themselves as Occupiers, even though they should.  I couldn’t really say how many, but my guess would certainly be thousands.  The march was the whole street wide, even some of the sidewalks on both sides, and I think 7 to 9 blocks long.

Cops were literally everywhere.  Hundreds of them surrounded City Hall, plus they blocked off traffic to the street the march was on.  Nine police helicopters were just hovering around watching everything the whole time.

After what I think was the main march, Occupiers gathered at the park.  There was still a very good size crowd, could have been a thousand, but I am not good at estimating that.  Many bands played, and they were all good.  I got a chance to reconnect with Occupiers from SFV, Long Beach, Fullerton, San Diego and LA.  —Doug. J