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Action to protest the installation of Smart Meters by Southern Calif. Edison and CORIX their subcontractors

When: Sat. March 31

Time: 12- 1 PM
Where: Corner of Rose & Gonzales Rd.
Meet at the corner in front of the Shell Gas Station

This link will take you to ‘Ventura County Progressives United’ Radio Show (rebroadcast from 3/24/2012) Host Karen Kennedy with guest experts discuss the ‘Health Hazards’ and ‘Invasion of Privacy’ from ‘(NOT SO) ‘Smart Meters:


We had CORIX come to our building last Saturday and several of us tenants called the police and said CORIX are not SCE…their subcontractors and we feel they were trespassing.  Then we physically blocked the meters. WE THE PEOPLE spoke…and CORIX removed the 2 they had installed and then left.  The 2 were part of a cluster of 12 right behind my bedroom where I lay my head on the other side of a 5″ thick wall!  Same for my neighbor and her 2 year old son right beneath me!  The owner of the building called SCE and CORIX and told them to F-off.  Pretty cool for him to do that considering he is a rich corporate attorney…..but he cares about his tenants somewhat.  We won one for our side!  😉

Hope to see you guys soon! Thanks for all your doing helping keeping this going!

Cheers, Ross

More at: http://stopsmartmeters.org/2011/11/20/occupy-your-home-have-your-hazardous-smart-meter-removed/

Why Stop Smart Meters? http://stopsmartmeters.org/why-stop-smart-meters/


PHOTO: http://stopsmartmeters.org/2011/11/20/occupy-your-home-have-your-hazardous-smart-meter-removed/