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Sunday March 25, 2012
On Sunday, March 25, can you participate in a discussion/action planning session about the effectiveness of past OccupyLA actions and ideas for moving successfully forward? This session will be guided by Julie Levine and held at the OLA Freedom School located at 118 Winston St., Los Angeles
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The more active members of the Occupy Community who can attend this, the better our action planning will be!

Please do what you can to publicize this action planning session among occupy activists and organizers!!

Below is a description of the half-day session. (We also hope to have a potluck during the lunch break so we can build community as we keep building the movement!)

Action Plan Workshop Part 1
When: Sun, March 25, 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Description: This workshop will help OLA activists assess the effectiveness of past actions/protests, and develop and implement a strategic plan for a future OLA action/change effort.

A.What kinds of actions has OLA taken? (Pros, Cons, Strengths, Weaknesses) Questions to consider:

•What was the purpose (goal/s) and target(s) of the action(s)?
•Were the strategies reviewed ahead of time?
•Were potential allies and adversaries assessed in planning?
•Were key stakeholders considered and reached out to? •Was outreach conducted?
•How was the determination made to select this type of action?
•What were the outcomes of the action?
•Were the action(s) goals met?
•What has not worked well and why? Types of Actions (to guide discussion): ◦Community organizing
■Direct Action/Civil Disobedience ◦Lobbying ◦Advocacy/Change
■Governmental (reform) – Issue based: prison reform, health care, immigrant rights, preventing mortgage foreclosures, etc.
■Other (more revolutionary) – Bank actions, money out of politics, general strikes, boycotts, sit-ins, unpermitted protests including home occupations, etc. ◦Petitioning ◦Media/PR ◦Outreach/Awareness-building. Which strategies were most effective in achieving desired outcome(s).

Action Plan workshop part2
When: Sun, March 25, 3:15pm – 4:45pm
Description:This workshop will help OLA activists assess the effectiveness of past actions/protests, and develop and implement a strategic plan for a future OLA action/change effort. B.Development of plan for a future OLA action. Questions to consider

•History of action and results
•Feasibility including political climate & momentum for change •Actual and potential participants and targets
•Stakeholders – Including allies & adversaries
•Power relationships and ability to build power
•Is timeline realistic and doable?
•What has worked well in Occupy
•What was learned that could strengthen future actions?
•How do we match our actions with our aims to make us most effective. Plan Construction: ◦Identify outcome(s) ◦Identify most effective strategy(ies) ◦Identify participants (current and potential) ◦Identify stakeholders and how to engage ◦Create action plan:
■Strategies (including key messaging)
■Persons responsible
■Evaluation (criticism/self-criticism)
■Next steps

Your Guide: Julie Levine has an MSW from Columbia University in Program and Policy with an emphasis on community organizing. She has spent 25 years organizing at a community and policy level in New York, California, Mexico and Colombia, working both inside and outside of “the system”. She has also been a professor and field instructor throughout my career, most recently teaching the class, “How To Be An Effective Policy Advocate” at the University of Southern California (USC) School of Social Work. Currently, she is an active participant at Occupy Los Angeles, serving on Facilitation, Legal, Occupy the Hood, Anti-War, Women and Allies and other Committees and initiatives. She is interested in working with others on how we can be more effective with our actions and protests.


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