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Action at Walmart to ask them to reject Monsanto’s new genetically engineered Sweet Corn (Roundup Ready and containing pesticide). Monsanto will lose a lot of money they invested in this product if farmers find out that Walmart won’t buy it!

Happening simultaneously with volunteers gathering signatures for the CA ballot initiative to label GE food. Signs might read, “GE Corn: Never tested, Never labeled,” or “WALMART – Just say NO to Monsantoʼs GE sweet corn,” etc.

Bring organic food, like corn products, to give away with a flyer about GE food to Walmart customers.

I received a donation and with some help, we can pop and package organic popcorn with labels:  “Natural Organic Popcorn, NON-GMO, no herbicide, no pesticide, no weird stuff added by Monsanto”. We will buy something in the store made with corn, tell the cashier and everyone around that we are going to go outside and throw it away because Monsanto has done wierd stuff to it. We’ll have a garbage can with a big sign in a pickup bed. Sign on can: “Bio-Hazard – Toss Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Food Here”.

Contact Jan Dietrick labelgmoventura@gmail.com. Working group can meet with Jan and signature gatherers in advance at Walmart next Sunday 3/11 1-3 PM to check things out. Also meet tentatively on Monday 3/12 7-9 PM at the bugfarm or some other night that week to make signs for this and the Monsanto action on the 16th in Oxnard. Email Jan at labelgmoventura@gmail.com to confirm or suggest different night. Our action is simultaneous with the 4th in a sequence of actions organized by Food & Water Watch since January at Walmarts across the country. See you on Sat 3/17 at 2-4 PM. Say no to GMOs! (and maybe wear something green?)

More information and Petition by Food and Water Watch: http://action.foodandwaterwatch.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=9105