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WHO: OccupyLosAngeles AND Occupy805
WHAT: Occupying Monsanto Corporation
WHEN: Beginning 12Noon, Friday, March 16, 24 hour action;
WHERE: Monsanto Offices, 2700 Camino Del Sol, Off Gonzales Rd in Oxnard, 93030;
WHY: Monsanto is attempting to sell their genetically modified products (GMOs) to Wall Mart and other outlets. There are still questions as to the health effects of these products, which have been outlawed by other countries.  (Read several other issues below.


On March 16, beginning 12Noon, Occupy Los Angeles has planned a 24 hour action against Monsanto, supported in solidarity by the local, Occupy895  The action will take place at the Monsanto Offices at 2700 Camino Del Sol, off of Gonzales Rd. in Oxnard.
A march is scheduled as well.

Monsanto is in the process of selling their genetically modified
products (GMOs) to Wall Mart and other food outlets in Ventura County.
Occupy groups stand opposed to Monsanto for these five major reasons
(and more):
1)  There are real concerns regarding Monsanto GMO foods, and the
health of these products.  Countries that have done extensive health
studies have outlawed Monsanto foods and GMOs.  The United States has
not investigated thoroughly these food products, and yet Monsanto is
allowed to sell their products at major food outlets;
2)  Monsanto is an ALEC Corporation, meaning it can use ALEC as their
legislative council to create laws against the public will.  This
violates the Democratic process, and permits collusion, extortion, and
fraud, which buys off congressional legislators, who will bring ALEC
legislation to the halls and floors of Congress on behalf of Monsanto.
Bribed congressmen end up doing what Monsanto wants them to do. This
is not a healthy democracy, while Monsanto is not producing healthy
3)  Monsanto has bullied local small farmers with lawsuits and other
forms of harassment in order to monopolize major staples in the United
States.  Small farmers are powerless to fight back against Monsanto,
which has unlimited funds to usurp the courts to get farmers to yield
to Monsanto demands. Monsanto is monopolzing our seed products through
genetic engineering, and forcing our local farmers, through their lobby and monopoly, to use only Monsanto products.
4)  In its seed-germinating process, Monsanto must grow its product
outdoors.  Amy Denton, PhD, Assoc. Prof. at CSU Channel Islands,
states that if genes from GMplants were to transfer to wild plant
populations, there could be serious consequences. (Please see this week’s VC Reporter, “Monsanto, GM Crops and Ventura County Agriculture.” There is also the issue that
If the seeds are windblown, or transferred by birds/pollination to adjacent farms in the area, those farms/farming families could be sued by Monsanto for growing
their products, regardless if a farmer is aware they have grown Monsanto wind-blown seed.
5)  Monsanto is the producer of Roundup and Lasso, two pesticides that have   caused health problems (just two among many they have produced). The company was recently convicted of causing neurological diseases in France with its product,  Lasso. Monsanto not only produces Roundup, but also produces genetically engineered “Roundup Ready” seeds, which are genetically designed to tolerate megadoses of Roundup

March 16th 12pm—March 17th-12pm

THE OBJECTIVE: To bring local awareness of Monsanto’s corporate control and involvement with the toxins in our food and water supplies and the powerful ties they have inside government.  We must start acting locally and thinking globally to bring down this tyrant of the food industry.  We are in worldwide solidarity with the
Millions Against Monsanto (www.MillionsAgainstMonsanto.org) and several other
environmental groups, organizations, foundations, and individuals who feel that something must be done to stop the wrongful practices of the Monsanto Corporation.

THE GOAL: To unite local communities, as consumers, voters, and organizers to
continue the push to remove Monsanto and other Corrupt Corporations from our
government.  Along with other campaigns all over the globe to create a world governed for, of, and by the people, not the corporations. One tactic is to
strategize and take action utilizing the power of the Boycott to send
a strong message we will not do business with Corrupt Corporations.
We are urging for monthly and biweekly protests.  Workshops, teach-ins, film showings, canvassing, flyering, training of organizers, and recruiting more people to the peaceful fight.

We support the following first steps toward food democracy.  While it’s extremely difficult to entirely avoid Monsanto, there are some basic guidelines
that anyone can use to minimize the genetically modified organisms in their lives:

1) Avoid processed foods.  In particular, eliminate High Fructose Corn
Syrup (HFCS) from your diet and be sure to read labels.  HFCS appears in
everything from sodas to wheat bread.

2) Consider vegetarianism.  Limiting your meat consumption, or buying
only grass-fed varieties will help, as 60% of genetically modified corn goes to
cattle feed and other concentrated animal feed operations (CAFOs) in America.

3) Buy “organic” dairy products that are free of Monsanto recombinant
bovine growth hormone.

4) Buy “organic” cotton when you can and avoid cotton seed oils found
in many snack food products, particularly chips, crackers, and salted nuts.
Although cotton is only 2.5% of the world’s crops, it is doused with 16% of the
world’s pesticides.

5) Monsanto is a producer of pesticides, as well as producing GMO (Geneticaly Modified Organisms).  The company was convicted in France for its company producing pesticides causing neurological diseases to adjacent farming families.  (google “ground truth, monsanto, pesticides”).  Monsanto not only produces Roundup, but also produces genetically engineered “Roundup Ready” seeds, which are
genetically designed to tolerate megadoses of Roundup.