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The People of Ventura County will add their voices to the resounding majority of Americans across our state and nation demanding that County Recorders and public officials maintain their oaths of office and halt all foreclosures in the county of Ventura until such time as a thorough audit by the County Recorder has been completed and any resulting illegal activity referred to the District Attorney for prosecution.

A recent audit by the San Francisco County Recorder found 99% of the foreclosures audited had questionable activity, 84% had at least one clear violation of law on foreclosures and over 66% with 4 or more violations.*New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has found a similar level of foreclosure fraud related to the MERS system, which is depriving counties and municipalities of mortgage deed filing fees
in the millions of dollars.**

Yet, on a statewide basis, very little is being done by elected and appointed government officials either to expose or prosecute foreclosure fraud. It’s outrageous that the nation’s largest banks and Wall Street are allowed to dictate the terms and conditions of their punishment for foreclosure fraud while thousands of people in
California are losing their beloved homes as the result of fraudulent foreclosure practices.

On Monday, March 12th, Occupy groups from across California will hold multiple simultaneous events at county recorder offices in as many as 58 California county seats to call attention to massive ongoing foreclosure fraud.


THE GOALS OF THE EVENT:  The goals of these events are twofold:
1) We are seeking to expose the full extent of foreclosure fraud by banks and Wall Street in California. Therefore, we demand that every county recorder conduct similar audits both to measure the level of foreclosure fraud and to determine the amount of tax dollars that have been lost due to fraudulent filings.

2) We are seeking an end to illegal foreclosures. Therefore, we demand that California Attorney General Kamala Harris (and/or the State Legislature? and/or the Governor?) immediately suspend all foreclosures in the state until both these county audits and her criminal investigation of foreclosure fraud are complete, and reforms are in place to ensure that only the actual lender can foreclose on a home.

Occupy805 will meet in two places for this statewide action:

Ventura: Occupyers to meet at the corner of Victoria & and Telephone, in front of the Government Center at 10:30;  we will protest on the corner, then carry it inside the Government Center compound at the Recorder’s Office; we will then Occupy the auction at noon; the action will be from 10:30 – 1pm.
For more information contact George Sorkin

Santa Barbara: The Action will feature a petition delivered to the Santa Barbara District Atty at 105 E. Anapamu  beginning 9:30am.
For more information contact Marshall Getto
Occupy Santa Barbara http://occupysb.org/

Petition: http://signon.org/sign/foreclosure-fraud-petition?source=c.url&r_by=3521
This petition will be delivered along with documentation of illegal foreclosure practices happening in our own county to the County Recorder, Sheriff, and District Attorney’s offices on Monday starting at 9:30AM. Details in the Facebook event page. http://occupysb.org/foreclosures/

Additional Information: http://occupyoxnard.org/?p=1430