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Attend in solidarity with the So Cal group in MacArthur Park 12-7 pm.
MacArthur Park: 2230 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057, Los Angeles, CA
More information: http://www.facebook.com/events/159211947530816/

Ride share with Lucas. 3 seats avail.  Contact: lucasontheroad@gmail.com

MORNING RALLY: 9-11am at La Placita Olvera, 1 Olvera St
This rally and march are in honor of Blanca Cardenas, a nursing mother who was deported to Mexico after LAPD arrested her for defending her fraudulently foreclosed home from illegal eviction despite the fact that she is married to a U.S. Citizen and a mother of 2 U.S. Citizen children. We are hoping to get thousands into the streets but we cannot do that without your help. Sign up to volunteer here: http://occupyfightsforeclosures.nationbuilder.com/
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/242254815866967/?notif_t=event_invite

11am-12pm: Travel from rally to Levitt Pavilion. Levitt Pavilion is in MacArthur park near 6th and Park View.

12-1pm: Opening GA with Report backs from Occupations and Introduction to Break out groups.

1:00-1:45: Series of Break Out Discussions 1
1:45-2:30: Series of Break Out Discussions 2
2:30-3:15: Series of Break Out Discussions: 3

Break Out groups confirmed:
Occupy the Hood, Sex workers outreach project, Occupy LA Times, OLA Queer affinity group, Radical inclusion with Occupy Venice, How to build direct actions, Ustream training with Sky and Freedom (2 parts), Welcome Tent presents “What is a GA?,” Occupy fights foreclosures, May 1st General Strike, Non-violent strategy, and more!

Print Lab
Stencil Art
Kid’s Village
Large Sign and Banner Making
Welcome Tent

3:15-5pm Music with Tom Morello and Ben Harper, Poetry, Dancing, Speak-out.

5pm-6pm: Open Agenda GA

6pm: Decide on location of next Meet-up. People are encouraged to write their ideas for the next meet up on the white board at the welcome tent and everyone is encouraged to discuss throughout the day where/when/how we should hold the next Occupy So Cal gathering.

The goal of this meet-up is to build solidarity across occupations in So Cal. It is open to newcomers too! We will have the welcome tent leading orientations on what happens during a general assembly and how to get involved in your local occupation. There will also be demonstrations on print-making and stencil design throughout the day.